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Winged Light (also sometimes called Stars[1] or just Wings) are used to upgrade your cape and give you wing power.

Sources of Winged Light

There are two sources of Winged Light: Children of Light and Wing Buffs.

Children of Light

A Child of Light

Children of Light are the most common source of Winged Light (and the only source available to new players). They are bright golden white glowing characters who look like short Sky kids without capes.

Please refer to the Children of Light page for all their specific locations across the realms.

Wing Buffs

Wing Buff

Wing Buffs can only be collected once the player has traveled through all the realms and can then unlock them through Spirit Friendship Trees.

Please refer to the Wing Buffs page of more information.

Leveling Up Capes

Different states of cape wedges

Gaining Winged Light increases the number of wedges you have to fly. At the start of the game, you obtain your first wedge during the Isle of Dawn tutorial by collecting your first Child of Light and forming your cape.

Each wedge (at the top of screen) means one flap of your "wings" when you fly, which will grant you the energy to fly further and higher. If you click the wedge icon at the top of your screen, it will show you how much Winged Light you have found so far and how many more you need to level up (it will also open the Expression Menu).

When you have collected enough Winged Light to level up, the wedge icon will have a red dot. Click on it to obtain another wedge. After the level up animation your energy is refilled so it can be an opportunity to fly further.

Cape Star Pattern.png

Information on your wedges is also displayed on the back of your cape (see Cape Energy). Your cape has one glowing star (or outline around a glowing star) for each available wedge of cape energy. The stars/outlines are dark if you have used up that wedge's energy and need to recharge.

The following table shows the number of Winged Light necessary to increase your wedges / cape energy.

Wedges Required Winged Light Cumulative Winged Light Remarks
1 1 1
2 1 2
3 3 5
4 5 10
5 10 20
6 15 35
7 20 55
8 20 75
9 25 100 Max wedge level without finishing Eden
10 20 120
11 30 150
12 50 200 Current maximum level
13 50 250 Unavailable at the moment

Maximum Winged Light is currently 0 above 200 (as of August 5, 2022), so players are able to reach level 12 at maximum.

Recharging Capes

When you run out of flying power there are several ways to recharge:

  • Collecting a Child of Light (full recharge)
  • Using a Recharge Potion (full recharge)
  • Flying through clouds, stars, or strong fires (campfires etc.) (fast)
  • Giving high five or hugs to friends, when first taking someone's hand (fast)
  • In the range of someone else's Deep Call (this is the standard way to charge other players, and not available for players whose Light has been fully extinguished) (medium)
  • Flying near or riding creatures or calling them when near them (medium)
  • Standing near or on a Light Bloom, i.e. the lit-up fungus brackets (medium)
  • Standing near Ancestor Spirits (medium)
  • Standing near other players when you have lit their light or holding hands with friends (medium)
  • Recharging with a prop (Torch, Brazier, Feast and Mischief Table) (slow)
  • Standing near or in candles or lanterns (slow)
  • Collecting pieces of light from any source (slow)
  • Standing in the sparkle left behind by a Child of Light (slow)
  • Carrying the light in spirit carry quests (slow)

Losing Winged Light

Ways of losing Winged Lights (or cape wedges):[2]

When a player loses Winged Light, it will fly away from the player and appear as orange wings with a white light column. The player can try to pick them up again, but they will break after 14 seconds, or immediately in final section of the Eye of Eden (Spoilers!), and the player will have lost their light and ability to fly, so it is often very hard to reach them. Other players may help with picking up the lost Winged Light before time runs out.

You will know that the Winged Light is truly lost when you see a slashing animation and hear a sword-cutting sound. The lost wing(s) will turn back into Children of Light and can be found again in their original location, but there is no way of knowing which of the Children of Light were lost and where to find them again. It is completely random. You must revisit the previous Children of Light you have collected from the Realms to recollect your Winged Light. Lost Winged Light can be recollected from the Children of Light that appear in their original form, not to be confused with the sparkle left behind by a Child of Light.

If your lost winged light that was Wing Buff instead of the Children of Light, you can only re-obtain it when you're reborn.

Maximum Possible Winged Light

Max WL by Clement

The maximum possible winged light is only possible for players who started at or before the traveling spirit visit on August 20, 2020, because players must have purchased the Wing Buff from each Traveling Spirit so far. Each time a traveling spirit revisits, newer players can grow closer to the maximum number of winged light. Revisit means a visit after the first time visiting as a traveling spirit, so the second visit and onward as a traveling sprit would be a revisit.

In addition to first visits by Traveling Spirits, the maximum possible winged light increases whenever the latest season adds new Children of Light, or whenever a new tier 2 Wing Buff is added (e.g., associated with a new Tier 2 Cape).

Due to the inability to get back to previous memories in Season of Shattering, maximum winged light is currently only possible by getting the previous memory's winged light before the next quest automatically activates.

Winged Light Totals (as of August 5, 2022) Includes Orbit
Source Number
Children of Light in Realms 108
Wing Buffs from Regular Spirits 49
Wing Buffs from Traveling Spirits 43
Max Possible Winged Light 200


  1. Stars was the term used for Winged Light in early versions of the game, and is still sometimes used by veteran players, especially those who were in the beta prior to global launch.
  2. Previous to the 0.11.0 patch, it was also possible to lose winged light by hitting objects when flying or sliding too fast.
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