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Spoiler Alert
This article/section contains spoilers for in-game surprises, secrets, or storyline details, such as the end of the game. Please continue with caution if you are new to Sky: Children of the Light.

The Beta version of Sky is a testing ground for new features and future content, aimed primarily towards finding bugs and giving feedback. It is not an early access version of Live – these are wholly separate games and apps. Though, events such as new Seasons are tested in the Beta before they are released in the Live version.

Beta content to test

Most, if not all, events and features that will appear in the Live version are first tested in Beta. However, not everything that is released in the Beta version of the game will be released in the Live version. Additionally, these may change a lot due to player feedback.

Currently, there are several new things to test, and give feedback on:

Version 0.15.0 build 175719

  • Testing has begun for the next season! :abirdy:
  • We are still working hard to prepare the season, so cosmetics and NPCs for the season are subject to change and may look different when it is launched in Live.
  • Please send in your bug reports and let us know your feedback and constructive criticism in beta-feedback :tada:
  • Testing will also begin for the Days of Mischief event. It starts on August 25 and runs through 11:59pm September 7 (all times PDT). Talk with the event spirit in Home to have them point you in the right direction in Vault: A new place to gather has been added to the secret area to plan your mischievous tricks. New items can be obtained from the in-game shop, but for items from previous years, seek out NPCs in the spooky new area… Be sure to play the game until at least Vault to access the event.
  • NOTE: As always, items and/or pricing for this event may be subject to change before live release. Some event NPC spirit trees may be empty.
  • New Event Items:
    • Withered Horn: $9.99
    • Witch Body: $9.99
    • Spider Hair: $4.99
    • Pumpkin: $1.99
    • Withered Cape: 99 Candles
    • Witch Hair: 66 Candles
    • Spooky Dining Set: 44 Hearts
    • Crab spell: Free for a limited duration
    • Krill spell: 1 Ascended Candle
  • Instrument improvements continue! This update includes fixes and improvements for instruments and the instrument UI. Whether you're a fantastic flautist or a beginner bassist, let us know your experience—what makes it easier and more fun to play, and what makes it harder to use.
  • Additional fixes and improvements include:
    • Instruments:
    • Added instruments option to settings menu to choose when to show notes played by others. These other notes will show on the keyboard in a different color. Players can select whether to show notes during free play and/or while playing music sheets together. Visibility is toggled on by default.
    • Hint button to join a music sheet someone else started now shows while instrument panel is up
    • Music sheet menu is scrollable
    • Reduced audio lag after tapping keys
    • Keyboard should now play all rapidly tapped notes
    • While playing a non-stationary instrument (e.g. flute), flick motions should no longer cause an avatar to jump
    • Fixed bug causing music sheet guide lines to get stuck if switching levels in the middle of playing the sheet
    • Animation updates
      • Polish for guide square appearance
    • Improvements for guitar sound
    • You're on ten on your Season of Belonging guitar. Where can you go from there? You put it at Eleven. Exactly—Instruments can now be boosted beyond 100%. Sound may be distorted if you boost them; this can be remedied by moving the slide bar back to a normal (green) threshold.
  • Other Improvements:
    • Daily quests will now be accessed from the Home meditation shrine
    • Players leading others by the hand can now see the emotes of their group members
    • Potential fix for issue causing race doors to appear to stay closed and without meditation circles for players who join the room after another person already initiated the sequence to open them
    • Light from large emitted objects (e.g. geyser) follows players from the same distance as Light from candles and burned Dark Plants
    • Players no longer fall through the "floating" floor in Vault when teleporting home or using certain emotes
    • Updates to constellation plate in Home
    • Tea set animation fixes
    • Friend's avatar no longer remains in handhold offer pose after taking a player's hand
    • Animation improvements when putting away lantern or umbrella after using certain emotes
    • Player's avatar doesn't appear to fall behind when performing certain emotes when being led while flying with others
    • Smoother entrance for players being led from Citadel to Valley skating rink area
    • Added haptics for wounds and some attacks on devices with haptics enabled. Haptics added for landings on Switch.
    • Instrument and dance menus now display properly in portrait mode on smaller devices
    • Menu icon polish
    • Red dot no longer remains after accepting a friend invite
    • :Inbox improvements
    • Survey window will no longer close if device language was set to Korean or Japanese
    • Fixed a bug causing a crash for some situations with two players using the dance/sparkler menus
    • Various crash fixes

So far, there are a few things that have been in Beta that have not yet (and so far don't seem like they ever will) come to Live. However, players are still welcome to give feedback on these.

  • The Invisible Cape (costs 999 Hearts - which is NOT a placeholder!)


The app logo for Beta

Players who experience both Beta and Live will note that there are significant differences between the two. Below you will find some frequently asked questions on the app as a whole.

What is Beta?

The Beta version of the game is a completely separate app that TGC uses to test Sky Patches and Hotfixes – before they are released into the regular Live version of the game.

The Sky Beta is NOT:

  • The full version of the game
  • An early-access version, alternative, or substitute for the Live version of the game

How do I become a Beta tester?

Please read here:

Note: To receive a notification when a new Beta Tester invite wave is active, you must give yourself the pingable "@Beta Invites" role on the Official Discord Server.

What are my responsibilities as a Beta Tester?

Test out all of the Patch and Hotfix Updates! Testers should use their tester accessibility to report bugs, give feedback about new or existing features, and help TGC make sure that things are working as intended. When testing a new Beta update, please read the Patch Notes, and stay updated on the latest news through the Official Discord's Beta Channels. TGC will post information about new features and issues.

If you encounter a bug, please submit a report in one of the Beta bug report channels on Discord: #beta-bugs-ios or #beta-bugs-android. Pictures, videos, and details are really helpful. If you’re not sure if something is a bug, still report it and give feedback. Even if it’s working as intended, it helps TGC know that just that might not be clear to players. You can share feedback about the game on Discord too. Include things you like or dislike, things you find confusing, and the reasons behind those feelings.

Note: Do not just use the Beta version for enjoying new content. Testers should look for bugs and inform TGC about them.

How is the Beta different from Live?

  • Bugs! Beta versions of games tend to have bugs. Lots of them, at times
  • A lonely Kingdom of Sky. The Live version has millions of players, while the Beta only has a couple thousands globally. This means completing multiplayer features, such as the 8-player room in Daylight Prairie, will be near impossible without organizing a group beforehand
  • Shortened Seasons and events. While Beta is used to test Seasons and other events, the duration is often shortened. Sometimes this means that not all content will be obtainable like it is in Live
  • More Seasonal Candles. In Beta, there are 8 Seasonal Candles in every realm (except Isle and Eden), aswell as you only require 2 Seasonal Candles to forge one.
  • No compensation. Beta is for testing and finding bugs. It's not a substitute for the full Live version of the game. As such, TGC generally do not offer compensation when players encounter bugs, even if they affect currencies or other important account features. As a tester, you should submit a bug report to the #beta-bugs-ios or #beta-bugs-android channels on Discord if you encounter an issue
  • Content that hasn’t been released in the Live version. The Beta often gets new content, features, and patches before they’re pushed into the Live version. Some content that gets tested in Beta never makes it into the Live version at all. Many factors affect these decisions, but feedback from testers has a big impact
  • Differences in the Shop. Because Beta is for testing, no real-life currencies are involved. The Shop will have prices listed so that testers can give feedback, but “purchasing” items in Beta will NOT cost real money. The Beta Shop will not always have the same items available for “purchase” as the Shop in the Live version
  • Beta access and/or progress wipes. TGC does this on an as-needed basis for testing purposes. Access wipes are when everyone is kicked out of Beta, and must rejoin if they wish to continue being a tester, which helps TGC cycle in new and active testers. Progress wipes are when all testers’ progress in the game is reset
  • Progress does not transfer. The Live and Beta versions are completely separate, and nothing will transfer between them

Note for Beta-Testers: Please do not use the below page draft for any help for the season, TGC wants player to test active things with fresh eyes - They want to see what players are struggling against and what players are succeeding at, looking at a few beta players having trouble may represent the hundreds of live people that will also have the same problems.

Cosmetics not in Live

Season of Flight DRAFT

The Season of Flight is the eleventh seasonal event in the live version of Sky since the global release, preceding Season of the Little Prince. It begins on 4th October, 2021 and expected to end on DATE, lasting XX days.

Season Trailer


The Wind Paths

Chimes guide creatures to clear passage through the realms.

–The Wind Paths Opening

The Season of Flight takes place in an entirely new area in Hidden Forest known as Wind Paths. The entrance to the area is through a pathway on the cloud to the right of Hidden Forest social space . Upon entering the Hidden Forest, run to the edge of social space, but instead of flying down, fly up to the right in a cloud tunnel.

Spirit Memories

Quest #1 - Activate the Wind Paths

In this first quest, you are tasked to unlock the Wind Paths which connect the realms to each others.

The Flight guide invite you to sit in a large meditation spot and once activated, four blue candles appear. Activating the first candle will bring you to visit the Tinkering Chimesmith. Returning to the Main Island and activating the other blue candles will task you to deliver candles to the Talented Builder, Lively Navigator and the Light Whisperer. Once the 4 candles have been delivered the Wind Path tunnels will be unlocked and accessible. One of the Island's arch is decorated with illuminated swirls and bells.

Quest # 2 - Rebuild the boat

In this quest you are tasked to reconnect the Islands together.  

Visiting the Flight guide will start a cutscene where we can see the Talented Builder and the Flight Guide communicating together by signs over each other's Island.  We can understand that they want a way to travel between the Islands.  "The boat that connected the spirits has disappeared beneath the clouds", we can read, "Fly through the clouds to bring back the boat" as a shortcut to the Underground Cavern of Forest is seen.  Use the shortcut where you will find another meditation spot and start the task to rebuild the boat by finding the missing pieces scattered all over.

Once accomplished, the Talented Builder push a large boat to the edge of its island's dock and a large flying Manta is seen pulling a platform.  A second Arch is illuminated and the Wind Paths area is highlighted by the rays of the sun.

Quest # 3 - Retrieve the chimes

In this quest you are tasked the retrieve the chimes.

"Chimes have been mysteriously going missing lately" the Flight guide says. In a cutscene we can see a flock of birds getting away with chimes in their beaks. From the top of the Main Island, sit on the large meditation spot to start the quest.  Complete the quest by retrieving all the blue chimes that the birds have carried away and return them to the Flight guide.

Fulfilling the wish of the Ancestor Spirit decorates a third Arch and the Wind Paths receive more light.

Quest # 4 - Save any trapped creatures

In this quest you are tasked to save the birds trapped in the Wind Paths.

"Something seems wrong with some of the Wind Paths" says the Flight Guide.  In an animation both the Flight Guide and the Lively navigator search for a missing boat from the Main Island. From the Wasteland shortcut, Dark plants starts to grow all over the Wind Paths and the whole area gets under shadow. Start the quest by sitting on the large mediation circle.   Once activated, strong winds starts traveling all around the Island and the Wind tunnels.  Navigate through the Wind Paths to save any trapped creatures, when done, return to the Flight Guide to let them now the birds are safe.  

At the end, we can see both the Spirits, in an animation, saddened by the state of the Wind Paths as darkness takes slowly over the Wind Paths.

Quest #5 - Clear away the darkness

In this last quest you are task to Rescue the trapped mantas and Clear away the darkness.  

A bird falls on the main island and appears to be in distress.  The lively Navigator and the Flight guide rush to help it. In the distance a large Manta comes flying towards them and both the Spirits looks happy about it. Several large stones pollute the Wind Paths and the birds are trapped in darkness. In order to help them sit on the meditation cirdle to start the quest.   

Fly towards the Wind paths and save the trapped mantas by burning the darkness on the large stones so the Great Manta can shatter them.   Once the mission is completed, we see the Great manta fly away with its 3 small mantas, finally free, and the Winds paths returning to original state.

Return to the flight guide (Missing ending animation)

Daily Quests & Seasonal Candles

Daily Quests

Collect Seasonal Candles throughout the Season to trade with the new spirits for their cosmetics.

The Flight Guide at Home will offer players four Daily Quests to complete every day. Players will earn one seasonal candle per quest completed. Each day the quest giver stands next to a realm's portal, indicating where the day's daily quests may be completed. The chosen realm will also contain four bunches of Seasonal Candles. If players gather the light from all four bunches, they will be able to forge one extra Seasonal Candle. Players who have the Adventure Pass can also claim a Seasonal Candle at Home as a free daily bonus.

Seasonal Bunches locations

This season, the candle bunches are found towards the beginning of each realm again (to be confirmed) .

Winged Light locations

There is currently one Winged Light (WL) added to the Wind Paths in Hidden Forest

This Wing Light is located in a tunnel just to the left of the Seasonal Guide. Strong winds prevents players from getting near and in order to capture it players must enter the entrance tunnel on the farthest right, located under the main island. You will be pulled into the tunnel as you approach it.

Spirits & Cosmetics

All of the Season of Flight Spirits can be found on the Hidden Forest. There are 2 new Expressions, 1 Stance and 1 Call to collect.

Lively Navigator

Video Guide

Light Whisperer

Video Guide

Tinkering Chimesmith

Video Guide

Talented Builder

Video Guide

Ultimate Gifts


Price Charts

Updated as of Sky-Beta v0.15.0 build 176305 on 2 Sept 2021 (music sheets were added, and spirit trees revised)

Spirits Candle Cost Total Seasonal Candles
Lively Navigator 10 14 18 24 28 3 97
Light Whisperer 12 24 26 28 3 93
Tinkering Chimesmith 12 20 26 28 3 89
Talented Builder 10 14 20 24 26 3 97
Total for Season 376

Seasonal Videos




Unofficial (fan created) audio cannot be posted on the Wiki, per TGC.

Days of Mischief draft


Sweets and secrets in spooky places.

–The Cackling Crab opening

To celebrate Halloween, Days of Mischief begin on DATE and concludes on DATE. The Secret Area is open to everyone through a friendly NPC at the gate as usual. At home you can burn Pumpkins that gives you lights and reveal a new event spirit: "Legend speak of a blood moon rising..." the NPC tells pointing at Vault, thus showing us the way.

Just like last year, the office is decorated with spooky decoration with more pumpkins to burn, three krills patrolling the roof top with a large plant to burn. Different from last year, the 2 Mischief NPC spirits are nowhere to be found: instead a new area has been added to the secret area. You can get teleported to that area by visiting the second bathroom where a black smoke can be found.

Once you click the crab icon, you find yourself in a large tunnel clouded area where a large hole in the ground can be seen below ground level. Above we can see 3 large krills, many black crows, a rideable witch's broom and a rideable flying cat, all illuminated by a crescent moon on a red sky. As you walk down the hole you are greeted by the same spirit you found at the house where we learn its name: Samantha. This spirit is accompanied by Skidmore and the two have fun conversations as they interact with each other. A large boiling cauldron gives players green lights to collect and shatters burnable thorny rocks, just like the geyser. Burning these rocks will spellbound you and temporarily change your appearance in height and clothing.

Mischief Staff

Many other doors and rooms are hidden for you to find where more NPC offers previous years cosmetics.

Real currencies In-App Purchases

For the occasion, the following IAPs were available to purchase (regional pricing varied depending on local taxes and exchange rates):

  • Mischief Withered Horn - $9.99 USD
  • Mischief Witch Jumper - $9.99 USD
  • Mischief Spider Hair -$4.99 USD
  • Mischief Dark Dragon Pumpkin -$1.99 USD
  • Returning item: Mischief Web Cape - $14.99USD
  • Returning item: Mischief Witch Hat - $9.99 USD
  • Returning item: Hungry Pumpkin Hat (including 8 Candles) - $11.99 USD
  • Returning item: Spooky Bat Cape (including 12 Candles) - $17.99 USD
  • Mischief Catch Up Pack, includes Hungry Pumpkin Hat, Spooky Bat Cape (including 20 Candles) - $29.99 USD

Game currencies In-Game Purchases

For the occasion, the following will be available to purchase for in-game currencies:

  • Withered Cape - 99 Candles
  • Witch Hair - 66 Candles
  • Spooky Dining Set - 44 Hearts
  • Crab spell - Free for a limited duration
  • Krill spell - 1 Ascended Candle


Throughout this event all purchasable items are available as spells from the friendly NPC Samantha, in the Cackling Crab area.

  • Witch hat Spell
  • Bat cape Spell
  • Pumpkin Prop Spell
  • Bat cape Spell
  • Withered Horn Spell
  • Witch Body outfit Spell
  • Spider Hair Spell
  • Pumpkin head accessory Spell
  • Witch Hair Spell
  • Withered Cape Spell
  • Spooky Dining Set Spell

By clicking a special crab somewhere at the Mischief area you will find 2 more spells.

  • Dark Dragon Repellant spell
  • Crab Rock Trick Spell

More information can be found on ThatSkyGame's Website (<-- link to official news release when available)