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Home (also referred to as Home Space or the Lobby) is personal menu-like region, where all new, middle, and veteran players alike gather before venturing out into the Realms. Players can find:

  • Entry portals to every realm of the game (provided they have entered it at least once / completed the realm)
  • The Return Shrine
  • The Closet that houses all of the wearable Cosmetics that the player has collected
  • The Constellation Table
  • The Friend Constellation
  • The Home Clock / Bell

The lighting in Home changes depending on the time of day. There are four modes which cycle: sunrise, daytime, sunset, and night. There are also two weather modes, which are sunny and overcast. Additionally, there is a type of clock at Home which will ring the hours (and fractions thereof) according to Pacific Standard Time (PST / See below).

Realm Entry Portals

Six of the seven portals at Home.

Home contains portals into every realm that you have opened in the game.

On the first playthrough, the player can only see the portals for realms that they have completed or are playing through. Other more experienced players seem to disappear when entering portals that the player does not have access to. The final Realm Gateway (not pictured) is present, but the door is closed.

Return Shrine

The Return Shrine

Directly in front of the Constellation Table is the Return Shrine. Kneeling at the Shrine, after several seconds, teleports the player to their previous location among the seven Realms. This allows players to easily finish interrupted play-sessions at a more convenient time. This shrine also houses the daily Seasonal Candle, awarded to Season Pass holders and Hearts collected by players from Meditation Notes.

Shrines similar to this can also be found in the first area of each Realm, and sitting at these allows the player to return to Home.

When idle, a beam of light can be seen protruding from the light circle in the shrine. The beam color is based off the main color theme of the realm that you're in. While the Valley of Triumph having a red-pinkish like color beam, the Eye of Eden has a pure red beam protruding out.

Constellation Table

The Constellation Table

The Constellation Table functions as both a Friend List and the Spirit Shop. Here, the player can purchase Cosmetics from Spirits and send Heart Fragments and/or Hearts to friends. The Constellation Table is only available after the player has fully completed the Isle of Dawn.

In total, three vital aspects of the game are controlled by the Constellation Table:

  • The Friend Constellations (Friend List), see next section.
  • The Spirit Shops of the Ancestor Spirits (Expressions) that the player has collected.
    • Purchase Expression upgrades, Hearts, and Blessings.
    • Purchase Cosmetics (Hair, Capes, Masks, Instruments, and Pants).
  • The Seasonal Spirit Shops (during a Seasonal Event).
    • Purchase Seasonal Expression upgrades and Blessings.
    • Purchase Seasonal Cosmetics.
    • View the End of Season cutscene (From Season of Gratitude to Season of Rhythm only).

Friend Constellations

An example of a Friend Constellation

A player's friend list resides in the Friend Constellations at the Constellation Table. Friends are stored as stars in these constellations – which may change appearance throughout the day. "Favorite" Friends will appear in the one of 10 Constellations you can create. There is a display limit of 110 for the constellations, but there is no limit to the number of friends you can make. For those with a full field of friends, the constellations can take up several pages in the Constellation Table, and not all friends are present. "Favoriting" a friend will usually lock them into the Friend Constellation. However, less active players cycle in and out. There is also an option to rename the Favorite Categories to whatever you like!

In the Friend Constellation, the player can:

  • Collect and send Heart Fragments/Gifts of Light
  • Collect and send Hearts Gifts
  • Teleport to the location of friends, that are online

To interact with friends via the Constellations, tap on the name of a friend to collect a Gift of Light and to view the Friend Menu as well as the avatar of a friend.


A Heart appears next to a friend's name if the player has received a Heart Gift from that friend. To collect the Heart Gift, tap the friend's star and wait for their avatar to appear. Then, tap the Gift envelope in the menu.

Heart Fragments

Friend Menu

Heart Fragments appear as both a red dot as well as a "glow" around the friend icon. They can be collected by tapping on the icons (stars). The stars of friends who have sent a Gift of Light remain golden for some time, until you restart the app or leave Home.

If a friend's star is grayed out (dim), then you can send them a Heart Fragment. Tap on the friend's star, wait for their avatar to appear, and then tap the "flame" icon that appears above their avatar's head. This sends them a Heart Fragment. If a friend's star is brightly lit then you cannot send them a Heart Fragment. Only one Heart Fragment can be sent each day, and the friend must have collected the previous Gift beforehand. A friend's star becomes yellow if they have sent a Heart Fragment within the past day. A ring of light orbiting around a friend's star indicates that the friend is online. Every 60 heart fragments can be forged into a heart.

Online Status and Favorite Friends

The number of stars above a friend's name indicates the level/depth of friendship (the number of friend actions you have exchanged) with that friend. Favorite Friends are located in your constellations and you receive an in-game notification when they come online.

Friend Menu

For more about the Friend Menus, please visit the Menus and Controls page and the Making friends.

Invite Players

Settings menu.png

The player can send invites to others to become friends inside Sky. This is a quick way of connecting in-game with someone that you've met outside of the game. Inviting a friend opens chat with that friend for free.

You can either tap the Invite button from the page on your right of the first constellation, or Invite button from your Settings menu (tap in top right corner of your screen to bring this up). You can have a maximum of 3 pending invites. If someone accepts your invite, you will have to "confirm" that invite in your own Friend Constellation to free up space for more invitations.

Inviting a player creates a link and a QR code that another person can click or scan. There will be a prompt for them to name you once they accept the invite.

Teleporting Home

There are three main ways to teleport Home:

  1. Sit at Return Shrines in Social Spaces.
  2. Tap on the top right corner of the screen to open Settings and tap the gate icon. In the confirmation message, tap the checkmark to proceed, or X to cancel the teleport request.
  3. Use the gate icon within the Expressions Menu (click the cape icon in the top middle of the screen).

The Clock / Bell Chimes at Home


The bell chimes at Home space (Sky)

Bell Chimes at Home

There is an intangible clock at home that chimes every quarter of the hour (every 15 minutes). Each chime in the hour sounds different, so by recognizing the chime you can discern when in the hour it currently is.

  • The 1st quarter chime is at every __:15 (quarter past)

(so for example at the times 8:15, 9:15, 10:15, etc.)

  • The 2nd quarter chime is at every __:30 (half past)
  • The 3rd quarter chime is at every __:45 (quarter to)
  • And the hourly chime is at every __:00 (every hour)

If it is difficult to remember the sound of the different chimes, you can identify them by counting the number of strokes because each chime is longer than the previous. The 1st quarter chime plays 3 strokes, the 2nd has 4 strokes, 3rd has 5 strokes, and the hour has 6 strokes followed immediately by bell tolls.

The bell tolls/bongs after each hourly chime are meant to indicate the hour. For example, if there are 9 tolls it means 9 o’clock. However these tolls follow Pacific Standard Time (PST), which is only observed by parts of western Canada, the western United States (where TGC is), and western Mexico. Many PST regions also shift to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) in certain months, rendering the bell tolls irrelevant to virtually all players since they don't appear to be adjusted. Thus, most players can ignore them.

Lighting in Home

The lighting in Home is relative to the player's device clock:

  • Sunrise — 5:00 a.m. to 8:59 a.m.
  • Cloudy — 9:00 a.m. to 9:59 a.m.
  • Daytime — 10:00 a.m. to 3:59 p.m.
  • Cloudy — 4:00 p.m. to 4:59 p.m.
  • Sunset — 5:00 p.m. to 8:59 p.m.
  • Night — 9:00 p.m. to 4:59 a.m. next day

Traveling Spirits

Every two weeks, a Traveling Spirit will appear in Home space. These Spirits allow the player to collect expression upgrades and cosmetics from previous Seasons. See the Traveling Spirits page for more detailed information.

The Sleepy Traveling Merchant's Boat

Sleepy Traveling Merchant's Boat

The Sleepy Traveling Merchant (also called the Sleepy Traveler or the Sleepy Merchant) appears periodically with a boat stocked with Spells, Scrolls, and Potions usually found in The Forgotten Ark shops. During events, they often offer free Spells that players can use to try out the event’s items before buying them for real or game currencies.

The Sleepy Traveling Merchant is available for a few days, to raise awareness of a new batch on the Sky Merchandise website . Tapping on the shopping cart icon above the spirit's head makes the spirit do the Telekinesis Expression which summons a Meditation Circle. Sitting down redirects the player to the website, an official merchandise website made by ThatGameCompany. The website is still accessible after the Sleepy Traveling Merchant's departure.


  • The Realms portals used to act as a "return" portal to the last area where you visited in a realm. As of February 2020, the realm portals at Home always send the player to the Social Space/spawn point of the chosen Realm.
  • In Sky: Light Awaits, there was a much larger area named Aviary and an early version of Home (Candle Space) that has no earth at all, only water.
  • The nickname "Home Space" was acknowledged in the Skytober list. This is justified as it was originally made by a fan.
    • The nickname Office was acknowledged as well.
  • The current version of Home is the only Realm without an opening quote.
    • However, the Sky: Light Awaits version used to have one.
  • Every Days Of Feast/Christmas Event and/or Winter Season Home gets an Icy Make-Over for Players to enjoy.
  • If the player loses all their stars, you are sent Home far away from the main area in a dark room with a single winged light to get you started on your journey again. This winged light is not otherwise accessible.
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