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A collection of the most frequently asked questions.

In addition to this list, please visit the FAQ at TGC's website.

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General Gameplay

Why can't I see people's chat? Why do I just see "........"?

  • Please see the Making Friends page for an explanation of chat. In brief, chat is an action that you unlock with a friend. Unless you are at a chat bench or chat table, you will not see chat text for any player that you have not unlocked it with. Instead you will see ".........". Becoming friends through a QR code will automatically unlock chat for free. Chat will be able to be unlocked from the 'hug' emote with your friends.

How do I make friends?

Some players have Headphones on. How does that work?

  • In the iOS version of Sky, players which are listening to any kind of audio from outside the game while playing will have Headphones in-game. Spotify, Apple music and such. This will also mute the in-game music, but not other SFX. As of yet, this feature has not been implemented in the Android version of the game. 

How are some players so small or tall? How do I change the size of my character?

  • There are three ways to change your height in Sky:
    • There is a spell (the Shrink potion) that you can collect by purchasing Blessings in the Ancestor Spirit Shops. While blessings are given randomly, the Shrink potion will make your character baby/Chibi sized for 10 minutes. It can be acquired through both 1-Candle Blessings and 5-Candle Blessings. 
    • There is a mask (the Chibi mask) that you can purchase from the Spirit Shop of the Hide and Seek Ancestor Spirit in Hidden Forest. The Chibi Mask costs 20 hearts. For as long as you are wearing this mask, you have the effect of a Shrink potion indefinitely. The mask has the same effect on all players, no matter the characters height under it. It cannot be stacked with other masks, however. 
    • The last and most versatile way to affect the height of the Player's Avatar is the Permanent Resize spell - which will randomly cause your character to become taller or shorter. To change height again, the player will need to use another Resize spell. However, the next spell will also be random. So far, there are 13 possible heights achievable using the resize spell, but it is not possible to reach Chibi height this way. The spell can be bought in the Forgotten Ark spell shop or acquire randomly when purchasing a 5-candle Blessing or can be sometimes bought from the Sleepy Traveller's boat.

How do I "follow" another player?

  • When you are in the air, other players will have a down arrow over them. Touch the arrow to begin following them.

How do I meditate? Where is the "meditate" emote?

  • Meditate is simply sitting when you are prompted to, as you do at the end of every Realm to watch the cutscene that opens the door to the next level. For the daily quests, you have to find the specific Shrine indicated by the Questgiver in Home. See Message Candle Spots for a guide. There is a glowing circle of light with a "sit" prompt. This quest is completed by leaving a message at the shrine, like with candle spots.

What are these force fields that are keeping me out of certain areas, and what do I need to do to get through them?

  • The Spirit Gates (force fields) are barriers that preclude you from entering certain areas before you have found enough Spirits (collected enough Expressions). There is a Constellation outlined on the Spirit Gate that shows you what Realm you need to collect the Emotes from. Furthermore, it also shows how many you need in order to gain entry. Some of the Spirit Gates require Expressions from more than one area, and some of them require Spirits from a Realm after the current one. This encourages exploration and also rewards players who return to previously visited Realms.

How do I rescue a Manta from Darkness?

  • Mantas are one of the light Creatures in Sky – the white ray-like flying creatures seen in the skies of Prairie and Valley. The only way to complete the quest of "Saving a Manta from Darkness" lies in the Boneyard of Hidden Forest. Below the small Temple entrance into the last area, and off to the right side (below the exit from Sunny Forest) there are Mantas covered in Darkness plants. Burning away this Darkness will complete the Quest. However, other players may get to them before you. Thus, players may need to go home and return several times. For a video guide, see Quests.

When I try to go to Eye of Eden it says I am not strong enough. What does that mean?

  • To enter Eden, players must have acquired at least 20 Winged Light through either Wing Buffs or Children of Light. Though, it is recommended that players bring at least 50-60 Winged Light. See the Eye of Eden (Spoiler Warning! page for detailed information. Note: this page will contain spoilers for the end of the game. 

Do you have to spend real money to play this game?

  • No, you do not have to spend money to play the game. You do have to spend money if you want to collect every item available during an ongoing Season – since about half are exclusive to Season-Pass holders. Though, long term free-players can collect those through Traveling Spirits without spending any money. It will be slow going, but it can be done. 

Expressions and Spirits

How do I get Expressions?

  • You find them throughout the Realms of the game. Some Expressions you haven't collected yet, but see performed by others, may be past Seasonal Expressions. These can be acquired any time, but acquiring the upgraded levels are only accessible through Travelling Spirits. These are only accessible through Traveling Spirits

How do I get the "hug" Expression?

  • Hug is a Friend Action "purchased" with a candle between individual friends. See Making Friends.

Where is the Spirits Temple? How do I visit it?

  • The Spirit's Temple refers to the temple at the end of every Realm, where you watch the cutscene in order to open the doorway to the next area. If you are having trouble accessing a Spirit Shop, and are getting the message to "visit the temple," make sure you visited the temple in the Realm where that Expression was found and sat through the cutscene. Note: This must be done every time a new Expression from that Realm is unlocked. 

How do the Ancestor Spirit Shops work?

  • The Spirit Shops allows players to purchase Cosmetics, Blessings, Expression upgrades and Wing Buffs. To purchase one item, the player will need to unlock the different nodes leading to it. Thus, it's necessary to buy several items before the uppermost nodes can be purchased. 

Can I lose Emotes (or upgrades to Expressions) in Wasteland or Eden?

  • No. This was a previous feature in Beta (prior to Global Launch) that is no longer implemented.

Are there spirits that haven’t been implemented yet? I’m pretty sure I got all the spirits in game but some of my constellations are missing up to two stars.

  • All of the Ancestor Spirits available are indicated on the Expressions page and the individual Realm pages. There are currently some blank stars in the constellations. Perhaps they will be filled in one day. If you have not collected all of the Spirits from a Realm, you'll see a message "..../.... Spirits collected" when viewing the Constellation in Home. Otherwise, you'll see your completion percentage - which indicates how many items you have bought in that Constellation.

I collected all the Spirits in the game but when I go Home and look at the constellations and tap on the question mark it says, "You must collect the whole constellation first." What gives?

  • In order to complete a Constellation, you must not only find every Ancestor Spirit but also purchase every item within their Spirit Shops. This will mean a lot of heart-collecting and trips to Eden for Ascended candles in order to unlock everything. This does not include the wing-buffs to the Tier 2 capes nor the Tier 2 capes. The individual costs of Cosmetics and every Collectible in a Spirit Shop can be found on the Cosmetics page or the individual Realm pages respectively.


What are Spirits, Elders, and Children of Light?

  • Spirits (Ancestors, Ancestor Spirits) are the Expressions that you find throughout the game. From their Spirit Shops you purchase Cosmetics, Expression Upgrades and Blessings.
  • Elders are featured in the ending cutscene of each Realm. These are the cutscenes that you watch in order to complete the area and open the door to the next. Each Elder's hairstyle is available to collect by completing the entire constellation for that Realm. 
  • Children of Light are the golden, glowing, sky kids scattered throughout the Realms that give you Winged Light, which increases your Cape Power.

How do I get cosmetics?

  • You buy them with in-game currency in a Spirit Shop. There is also some in-app-purchases which will reward you with new Cosmetics. 

Where can I find the xyz hair/cape/leggings/instrument/mask?

  • Find and relive the memories of the Ancestor Spirits. Each Spirit you release has a Shop where you can purchase Cosmetics. See the Collectibles page for more details. You can also visit the page for each individual Realm.

How do I get the hair of the Elders?

  • You have to complete the entire Constellation to unlock the Elder's hair. The hair is bought for Ascended Candles in Orbit. Please see the Elder Hair page.

Do Blessings you purchase from Spirits have a cool-down? Or is it use once and done?

  • Once and done. All spells are one-use only, and there are a limited number of them to buy. They are also randomly given, so one person may acquire 13 glow spells and another acquire 13 anti-gravity spells, from the same Spirits. Blessings can also be purchased via Traveling Spirits and Seasonal Spirits. 

What is the fastest way to collect Candles?

  • Buy them with in-app purchases. Barring that, farming them through the Realms is the only way. There is a daily Realm, indicated by Red Candles on either side of the portal, that contains special large clumps of Candles. See Treasure Candles. Be sure and find those every day. Also, there is a lot of wax to be collected at the end of both Valley and Wasteland.

What is the fastest way to collect Hearts?

  • Give hearts generously. There is one heart available for you to purchase with candles in each Spirit Shop, including Travelling Spirits. After that, the most effective way is to be gifted them by friends. And the best way to be gifted is to give. Some people also make arrangements with friends to exchange daily hearts. Be careful that you are not taking advantage of others in doing this, though. Kindness and courtesy are the name of the game. Hearts can also be bought at Traveling spirit shops, accumulated through collecting 60 lights from friends, and through receiving 50 likes on your message at a Shrine or message boat.

What do the Cape Wedges mean, and how do they work?

  • The Cape Wedges are a measure of your flight power and current charge level. One wedge equates to one flap of your wings. Cape wedges are also visible on players backs as small diamonds which will grow dark when you lose light.

If I get attacked and lose Winged Light (or Cape Wedges), can I get them back?

  • Yes. You will need to collect the lost Children of Light from the locations where you originally found them. Unfortunately, there is no indicator for exactly which Children of Light you will need to revisit. You will have to explore the Realms again and see if you find a Winged Light that is glowing again. 

How do I get Wing Buffs?

  • You purchase them with Ascended Candles from the Spirit Shops. Ascended Candles are rewards for completing the Eye of Eden. The Wing Buff looks like a lock with wings, and is below the "cloudy" area of every Spirit Shop. Purchasing this Wing Buff clears away the clouds and opens access to the rest of the Cosmetic items in the Spirit Shop. In friendship trees, although the symbol is exactly the same as Wing Buffs', they are different.

How much does it cost to complete the Constellations?

  • Completion costs by realm:
    • Isle: 42 Candles, 12 Hearts, 3 Ascended Candles
    • Prairie: 122 Candles, 39 Hearts, 13 Ascended Candles
    • Forest: 145 Candles, 108 Hearts, 16 Ascended Candles
    • Valley: 107 Candles, 124 Hearts, 15 Ascended Candles
    • Wasteland: 111 Candles, 142 Hearts, 14 Ascended Candles
    • Vault: 104 Candles, 155 Hearts, 14 Ascended Candles
    • Elders: 0 Candles, 0 Hearts, 35 Ascended Candles
  • Total Cost: 631 Candles, 580 Hearts, 110 Ascended Candles

Seasons and the Season Pass

Do seasonal items (Collectibles and Expressions) disappear after a Season?

  • No and yes. The Spirits in the world disappear, and you cannot access them or their Spirit Maps again. The constellation also disappears from Home Space. However, the Expressions themselves do not disappear from your Expression Menu if you've collected them, nor do the upgrades or any of the Cosmetic items or Blessings that you've purchased. Seasonal Candles that you have left over from the Season are converted into regular candles. So you lose nothing of what you've collected, just the ability to collect more. It is possible for players who missed out to collect Seasonal Cosmetics and Expressions through Traveling Spirits. For more on those, see Traveling Spirits.

What happens to Seasonal Candles/Hearts when the Season ends?

  • They get converted back to standard candles with a 1:1 ratio. The same goes for the Seasonal Hearts - they get converted to standard Hearts. Thus, you cannot save Seasonal Candles for the next Season. They are a limited time currency.

Do I have to buy the Season Pass for every season?

  • Yes. The Season Pass that you buy for yourself is for the current season only.

Do Season Passes that I buy for a friend need to be used in the current season? Do they expire?

  • No and no. Gift Season Passes (those you buy for a friend) do NOT expire and can be used in future seasons.

Game Settings and Technical Questions

How do I change my username?

  • You do not actually have a username in Sky. Your name is not shown to any other player in the game. The only way another person will know your name is if you tell them. When a person becomes your friend, they have the option of naming you whatever they like.
  • The only username you may see is the username you use for GameCenter or GooglePlay. That username you would change on your device, but it is never seen by players in the game. How to change the username on your device is beyond the scope of this Wiki.

How do I back up or restore the game?

  • There are three ways to restore your game:
  • 1) Save your Sky ID as a recovery code. This can be found either in the in-game settings menu, or in your own device settings. Note: you should save your Sky ID for other reasons than just for recovering your account. For example, TGC will ask for your Sky ID if you win a contest so they can send your account your rewards directly.
  • 2) Link your game to a Google account. This is done in the settings menu in-game. To unlink your account, or change the one used, players will need to contact support.
  • 3) Link your game to Game Center (iOS). On iOS, you will need to sign in to Game Center on your device (in settings) and then link Sky to Game Center.
  • 4) Link your game to a Facebook account. This is done in the settings menu in-game. To unlink your account, or change the one used, press the unlink button.

Can I play on different devices with the same Game Center account?

  • Yes, on any mobile device (iPhone, iPad). This is the beauty of Game Center. As long as you are using Game Center on your primary device, you can log in to Game Center on any other device with your Apple ID, and your progress in Sky will be there. However, either device will need to download the music and progress each time you switch, which may potentially be time consuming.

Game Center is active on my Mac, why don't I have the progress from my iPhone/iPad?

  • Apple only allows Game Center syncing on apps downloaded from the Apple Store. While the macOS version of the game is still in beta, it is downloaded direct from TGC, so it cannot have a Game Center connection.

I got a new device, but it does not have my original Apple ID on it now. How do I download the game again?

  • In the beta, you can't. Since you redeemed your beta invitation code on the original Apple ID, it's linked to that Apple ID. You would have to request another code from TGC. If you explain the situation, they may help you get back in. If you are playing on the Live version of Sky, you may save your account and progress through a Google account or use your individual code (found in the settings in-game). 

How do I report a bug?

  • To report a bug, players may contact support either in-game or through TGC's official channels. The in-game support can be found in the settings menu. When tapped, it will lead players to helpful articles and topics. After reading an article, players may initiate support contact. If the game is inaccessible, players can contact support via the thatgamecompany website. Furthermore, players can also report bugs via the official Discord Server - which is linked at the very top of this page.


How do I get to the secret area?

What is OOB? 

  • OOB is an acronym for the Out of Bounds, which includes areas outside of the intented boundaries of the game. These are accessed though different types of glitches and tricks and provide some of the most beautiful views available.
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