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There are several Currencies in Sky that can be used to unlock Cosmetics, Blessings, Expression upgrades, and other items. The game currently has five types available:


In-game info

Candles, or White Candles (not to be confused with the red Candles scattered around Realms), are the oldest Currency in the game. Furthermore, they are the most common and versatile type of Candle.

The candles can be used to purchase both Expression upgrades and Blessings from Spirit Shops. They may also be used to buy Seasonal Cosmetics via Traveling Spirits.

Candles are also required for almost all social interactions in the game. For example, making friends with other players generally requires the exchange of one Candle by either party. Additional Friend Actions, such as High Five, Hug, and Piggyback, require the use of more Candles. Read more on the Making Friends page.

Candle Runs

Lighting red candles

Players will frequently travel through the Realms collecting wax on a daily basis. This is known as Candle Running or Candle Farming. When players light red Candles, burn Darkness, or spend time in Social Light Areas, pieces of light (or wax) will start filling up the Candle meter in the upper left corner of the screen. Once the Candle meter fills to the top, a blinking red dot appears. Tapping on it allows you to forge a Candle, which is added to your inventory. Any excess wax is transferred to the progress of the next Candle; you will not lose any Candles if you do not forge them right away.

For tips on the Candle wax locations, see the World Maps page (in progress) or the Pieces of Light (Candle Farming) page.

Realm with Bonus Candles

Treasure Candles (also known as Bonus Candles, Candle Clusters, Candle Cakes, etc.) are large clumps of Red Candles that reward players with extra Candle wax when lit. Every day there are four Treasure Candles scattered throughout a specific Realm of the game. That Realm will be indicated by two Red Candles in front of a portal at Home (see picture). These Treasure Candles rotate between several specific sets of locations in each Realm. Finding all of them will give you 200 pieces of light in total. There are also several permanent Treasure Candles: 15 in Isle, 3 in Prairie, 1 in Forest, 2 in Valley, and 7 in Vault. For more information on locations, visit the Treasure Candles page.

Daily Quests

Candles can also be collected by completing Daily Quests between Seasons. The quests change every day and are accessed by tapping the button over the Return Shrine at Home. If you have forgotten the specifics of a Quest, you may tap the upper left corner of your screen on a mobile device or the left arrow button on your Nintendo Switch. The Quests of the day will appear white while unfinished and turn yellow when completed. To receive your reward, one Candle per Quest, simply tap the button over the Return Shrine at Home again.

Candle Packs

Candle Packs containing different numbers of candles are always available to purchase using real money from the Premium Candle Shop. Additionally, White Candles are often bundled with other In-App Purchases (IAPs).


In-game info

Hearts are the Currency used for almost all of the game's Cosmetics (hairstyles, clothes/pants, masks, capes, and props) available through Ancestor Spirits in the Realm Constellations. Hearts are purchases in Spirit Shops. Generally, items from the Constellations of the later Realms will be more expensive than items from earlier ones.

Hearts can be collected in a multitude of ways:

  • Receiving them from friends as gifts
  • Collecting Gifts of Light your friends have sent you
  • Purchasing them yourself in the Spirit Shops
  • Completing seasonal quests
  • Earning "likes" on one of your Message Candles or Message Boats
  • Converting unspent Season Hearts at the end of the season

Collecting hearts in order to unlock Cosmetics can be slow-going. It's important not only to be patient, but also to be generous with others.

Gifts from Friends

Gifting a Heart to a friend is done by tapping the Gift icon in the Friend Menu, which requires you to spend three Candles. The Friend Menu is accessible both at the Friend Constellation at Home and by tapping on a friend in the game. If a player is trying to gift someone a Heart, it is necessary to have unlocked High Five first. This limitation not only applies to gifting done in person, but also gifting via the friend's Star in the Friend Constellation at Home. See Making Friends for detailed information about friend menus.

Only one Heart can be gifted to a specific friend per day. This encourages players to gift to a variety of people rather than gifting only to one certain friend. If you have received a Heart, this will be visible in your Friend Constellation. You may collect it by tapping on the friend's Star and clicking the Heart Envelope on the right menu.

Collecting Gifts of Light sent to you by friends in your Friend Constellation will also allow you to collect Hearts. In total, you must be sent 60 of these Gifts of Light to fill up the Heart-meter on the upper left side of the screen completely.

Spirit Shops and Seasonal Quests

A limited number of hearts can be purchased from Ancestor Spirits and Season Guides. These hearts cost three Candles each, and never reset, meaning each heart can only be bought once.

37 hearts total can be purchased from Regular Spirits, one per spirit. Each heart is available after unlocking the first node (a Spell costing 1 Candle) in the Spirit's reward tree.

Each Seasonal Spirit also sells one heart, but these hearts have limited availability. Details vary depending upon whether or not the spirit's season is active.

Each spirit in the current season has one Season Heart that can be purchased for 3 Season Candles (see Season Hearts for details). This Season Heart is converted to a regular heart if it is not used before the end of the season.

When past-season spirits return as Traveling Spirits, there is always one heart in the reward tree. The heart can be purchased for three candles, after unlocking the first node (a 5-Candle Spell). However, you can only buy a heart from a spirit once -- if you bought the spirit's Season Heart or if you bought the heart during a previous visit of this spirit, you cannot purchase it again.

In addition, 45 hearts total are currently available for purchase from the various season guides (quest givers). Typically, each time a quest is completed you unlock one heart. These hearts are free if the quests are completed during that guide's season. After the season ends, each heart costs three candles (and can only be purchased once, only if you did not get the free in-season heart). Note that the Season of Enchantment was the first season to have quests and a season guide who remained present in game after the end of the season, therefore no hearts are available from the previous four seasons.

Hearts Sold by Season Guides
Guide Hearts Location Season
Enchantment Guide 6 Forgotten Ark Season of Enchantment
Sanctuary Guide 6 Sanctuary Islands Season of Sanctuary
Prophecy Guide 4 Cave of Prophecies Season of Prophecy
Dreams Guide 5 Village of Dreams Season of Dreams
Assembly Guide 3 Treehouse Season of Assembly
The Rose 7 Starlight Desert Season of The Little Prince
Flight Guide 5 Wind Paths Season of Flight
Abyss Guide 5 Treasure Reef Season of Abyss
Performance Guide 4 Village Theater Season of Performance
Total 45


Players can leave messages around the realms through Message Shrines or Message Boats. A Quest Shrine, also called a Meditation Shrine, is a Message Shrine which is the focus of a Daily Quest. A Gratitude Shrine is a Message Shrine not currently in use for a Daily Quest.

Accumulating ten (10) "likes" on a Message Candle you left at a Quest Shrine will grant you one Heart, which you can collect at the Return Shrine at Home. Messages left at Gratitude Shrines or through Message Boats require fifty (50) "likes" to get a heart. Message Candles left at Quest Shrines will disappear at the next reset, while Message Boats and messages left at Gratitude Shrines disappear after 48 hours. (Note: for a message to become public, it must first receive three likes from friends.)

For more information on Message Shrines and messages, see this support page.

Season Candles

In-game info

Season Candles are only available during an ongoing Seasonal Event – they are the currency used to purchase new Seasonal Cosmetics and Expression upgrades.

It is possible for non-Adventure Pass holders to gather five Season Candles per day. Adventure Pass holders will receive one additional Candle from the Return Shrine, for a total of six per day. During a Double Season Candle Event, all players can forge an additional Season Candle each day. Read more on the Adventure Pass and Seasons in Seasonal Events & Adventure Pass.

At the end of each Season, each of your leftover Season Candles is converted to a White Candle.

Season Candle Bunches

Season Candle Bunch from the Season of Enchantment

There are four Season Candle Bunches sprinkled throughout the social space and first area of a chosen Realm every day (indicated by the Quest Giver, and the lit eyes of the Elder's symbol on the top of the Realm gate), which when lit combine to form a single Season Candle. (During a Double Season Candle Event, eight Season Candle Bunches can be found, allowing you to forge two Season Candles.) You can see the icon of the ongoing Season both in the uncollected pieces of light and on the sides of the candles in the Season Candle Bunch.

Collecting wax from Season Candle Bunches does not put you at risk of being spotted by a Dark Dragon when they are in Golden Wasteland.

Daily Quests

During a Season, the Daily Quests given by the Return Shrine at Home reward players with Season candles in lieu of White Candles. As with Quests outside of a Season, one Quest is rewarded with one Season Candle. If you have forgotten the specifics of a Quest, you may tap the upper left corner of your screen on a mobile device or the left arrow button on your Nintendo Switch. The Quests of the day will appear white while unfinished and turn yellow when completed. To receive your reward, one Candle per Quest, simply tap the button over the Return Shrine at Home again.

It is possible to complete all Daily Quests safely, but for more dangerous Daily Quests (e.g., "Face the Dark Dragon"), you may want to bring a friend with you to help recharge you or collect your fallen winged light in case something goes wrong.

Season Candle Packs

During the Season, Season Candle Packs containing 15 Season Candles are available to buy using real money from the Premium Candle Shop. Season Candles may also be bundled with other IAPs.

Additionally, anyone who purchases or is gifted an Adventure Pass will automatically receive 30 Season Candles.

Season Hearts

In-game info

Season Hearts are a rare currency in the game that is only available to Adventure Pass holders during an ongoing Seasonal Event.

One Season Heart is available from each of the season's spirits (not the Season Guide), at a cost of 3 season candles. It can only be purchased after you have unlocked every node (expression/cosmetic/music sheet) in the spirit's reward tree, and is only available if you have the Adventure Pass (in-app purchase).

The primary purpose for Season Hearts is to purchase the season's Ultimate Gifts. Each season, the total cost of all the ultimate gifts exactly matches the total number of available Season Hearts. Any unspent Season Hearts are automatically converted into regular Hearts at the end of the season (same as Season Candles).

Note that when (if) a season's spirit returns as a traveling spirit, the Season Heart counts as that spirit's one allowed heart purchase. Therefore the heart in a traveling spirit's reward tree will not be available to players who completed the spirit's rewards during the season. (Note that Season Hearts were not implemented during the first two seasons (Gratitude, Lightseekers). Therefore pass-holders from these two seasons have been able to buy one regular heart from these Traveling Spirits).

Ascended Candles

In-game info

Ascended Candles (also known as Prestige Candles) are collected only upon completion of the Eye of Eden (Spoiler Warning!), which is the last Realm of the game. It is recommended you play through this level wholly before accessing detailed information on how to acquire Ascended Candles.

Spoiler Alert
This article/section contains spoilers for in-game surprises, secrets, or storyline details, such as the end of the game. Please continue with caution if you are new to Sky: Children of the Light.

When collected, these are used to purchase Wing Buffs, which increase your Cape Power like Winged Light. Detailed information about Winged Light is available either on the Collectibles page or the Winged Light (Spoiler Warning!) page. These two Collectibles stack together, which allows experienced players to acquire more Cape Energy. Purchasing Wing Buffs in the Spirit Shops also opens the ability to purchase previously inaccessible Cosmetics.

Furthermore, Ascended Candles can be used to open up more of the Friendship tree and to unlock high-level Friend Actions such as Warp. They are now also used as Currency to buy Blessings/Spells at Forgotten Ark upon full restoration of the area. See the Blessings page for more information.

You receive one quarter (1/4) of an ascended candle for each Statue you give Winged Light to in the Eye of Eden.


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