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Cosmetics are the wearable items that you can collect in Sky. They are the most common type of collectible. Obtaining cosmetics is not necessary to advance in the game, but it is the primary way to customize your Sky kid's appearance.

NOTE: The images previously shown on this page have all been moved onto separate pages listing the cosmetics by type (Outfits, Masks, Necklaces, Hair, Hair Accessories, Capes, and Props) with prices and availability information. A complete side-by-side view of the cosmetic icons to their in-game visuals can be found in Closet Spaces. In addition, the cosmetics specifically from regular spirits are summarized at Regular Spirits/Cosmetics.

Types of Cosmetics

There are seven different types of cosmetics. You can wear at most one item of each type at any time. Each of the following pages list all of the items of each type that have ever been made available to players in Sky.

  • Outfits: includes all pants and leggings.
Sky-Closet-Masks-Morybel-0146.png Masks
  • Masks: includes all face coverings.
Sky-Closet-Hairstyles-Morybel-0146.png Hair
  • Hair: all hairstyles and most hats.
Hair Accessories
  • Capes: the most visible clothing and representation of your ability to fly.
The following Props category is split into two different tabs, but only one can be equipped at a time:
Sky-Closet-accessories-Morybel-0146.png Instruments


Closets are where players select which cosmetics to wear, and can preview some of the available cosmetics. There are five closets, each providing access to one or two types of cosmetics, as listed above under Types of Cosmetics.

When in the closet, a menu is shown listing icons within that cosmetics type. Three types of icon are possible:

  • White icons: items that you have purchased and can currently choose to wear.
  • Dim icons: items that can previewed, but not worn. If you select one of these icons, you will see yourself wearing the item, but only as long as you stay in the closet. When you leave, it will be replaced by the previously-selected purchased item.
    • All of the items available from Regular Spirits and from the current Season are visible as dim icons. When you select the icon, you will be told where to find the corresponding spirit.
  • Star icons (Four-point-star-Ray.png): a handful of other unpurchased items -- in particular Elder Hair and some Special Event cosmetics -- are represented by placeholder star icons in the closet menu. It is not possible to preview these items or obtain more information about them within the closet.

Note that many unpurchased items do not appear at all in the closets. In particular, unowned cosmetics from past Seasonal Spirits (including any current Traveling Spirit) do not appear and therefore cannot be previewed.

Closet Locations

In total there are 7 locations where all five closets can be found:

Note that Isle of Dawn and Vault of Knowledge are the only realms without any closets.

In addition, a Props closet (but not the other four closets) can be found in Harmony Hall.

Obtaining Cosmetics

The sources of cosmetics include:

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  • Certain cosmetics can be seen on some Spirits, but are otherwise unobtainable currently. Some include;
    • The pot on the backs of the Rejecting Voyager, Elder of the Prairie, Welcome Spirit from the Season of Rhythm, and one of the Secret Area's Spirits. The pots may carry butterflies that maybe presumed to recharge the player or give a boost.
    • The spear that the Cat Spirit from the Secret Area has on their back, along with the one the Elder of the Wasteland wields.
    • The unique mask the Lightseekers Guide/Questgiver wears.
    • The small hammer the Slumbering Shipwright and The Elder of The Forest always holds.
    • The tall segment of the masks that the Polite Scholar, Meditating Monastic, Levitating Adept, Shushing Light Scholar, Wise Grandparent, and Elder of The Vault have.
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