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Dragonkeet Dragonkeet 2 days ago

My Pronouns & Preferred Names

(WIP post)

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Morybel Morybel 3 days ago

Cape stars table formatting test

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TundraBird TundraBird 19 days ago

Imprisonment or Freedom - RP info - Sandbox Map

    • 1.1 Imprisonment side
      • 1.1.1 Elder(1/1)
      • 1.1.2 guards/knights/soldiers(1)
      • 1.1.3 citizens(1)
      • 1.1.4 hostages/slaves/workers(2)
      • 1.1.5 Nobles
      • 1.1.6 other custom roles
    • 1.2 Freedom side
      • 1.2.1 Elder(1/1)
      • 1.2.2 Guards/knights/Soldiers(1)
      • 1.2.3 Citizens(1/3)
      • 1.2.4 hostages/slaves/workers(0)
      • 1.2.5 other custom roles
  • 2 OCs(Detailed Info)
    • 2.1 Zeitaka (Zay-TUH-kuh)
    • 2.2 Kalari (KUH-lar-ee)
    • 2.3 Horizon
    • 2.4 Albino
    • 2.5 Pearl
    • 2.6 Pamilya
    • 2.7 Lunaria
    • 2.8 Kuzon
  • 3 Sandbox Town Map & Gameplay functions

@Abloomingrose/Zeitaka\Male\45/allergic to dem hazelnuts boi

TundraBird/Lunaria/Female/14/Straight&No/Spy for Impr.Side


TundraBird/Horizon/Male/14-15/coward, orphan, talented at art/From Freedom side, caught by Imprisonment side soldiers



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Bored-kitten Bored-kitten 21 days ago

Golden Wasteland RP (FORMS!)


Name: Ashley, Ash for short

Role: skykid

Age: 13

Gender: female

Personality: still haven't figured that out, let's just see how it goes

Backstory: she has been inside the borders for so long, it has caused her to become part of the darkness (but someone might get her out of that form)

@0Hazel0 :

Name: Fedele

Role: Skykid

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Personality: Fedele is exremely loyal to the leader and respects any rules. Due to her loyalness, she is not very adventurous or mischievous and usually worried whenever doing something that could get her in trouble. Fedele is bad at keeping promises, either breaking them or telling it to somebody. She always feels she needs to keep any troubles to herself and often hides any negative feelings she ge…

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0Hazel0 0Hazel0 28 days ago

Story's I've Made

  • 1 Finished Stories
  • 2 Stories In progress
    • 2.1 Shattering of the Realms
      • 2.1.1 Shattering of the Realms - Side Stories
  • 3 Stories I'm Going to Make
    • 3.1 Untitled
    • 3.2 A Moth's Journey


Have you ever wondered how skykids would feel about the events happening during the Season of Shattering? Would they feel scared? Would they seize this chance to have a terrifying and terrific adventure? Well, in this story, a young skykid named Aafje is racing with her friend, Tigaso, before the first events of the Season of Shattering begins.

In each chapter, they together complete one quest, before making it to the final quest. Will they survive the frightening events of Season of Shattering, or will they loose all their winged lights before they can complete the …

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MYf3MvXL MYf3MvXL 5 July

Dark theory's/canon facts of sky's relms

We all love sky and it's calming natural vibe.

The music, the sounds, the game itself is a safe haven for people who love calming games

But there's something that you should know about, if you want to get deeper into the lore of it...

Realm 1: isle of dawn

It's theory: no one lived there in the first place

This is a bit confusing at first, but if you think about it, it makes more sense. Where are the ruins of the housed?

That's the things. there isnt.

There are only three caves existing there, and many of the places we've seen in the other realms have hinted that skylians lived there befor. But isle doesn't even have one. Except for the boat at the begining, which also referres to the founding of isle of dawn theory.

The founding of isle theory de…

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JustAnAverageHuman JustAnAverageHuman 27 June

my chaotic sky post archive

Cheese Cape Chaos

Hiking gone wrong

Sky: Children of the Memes

Scare emote spamming

GW run: 4x people, 4x chaos

Random sky quotes

Krill intelligence?

Butterflies are made of antimatter, run!

Cursed photos

"Performance guide lookin kinda short"

As your friend it is my DUTY to make sure you SUFFER.

Sky: Chaotic Photo Dump

I didn't ask how are you, I asked if you wanted to CR.

Dragging Spirit TEDTalk

Seasons but they're named right

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JustAnAverageHuman JustAnAverageHuman 17 June

the stretching lamplighter blog

I like stretching lamplighter's hat because it's a jojo reference and I want them to come back as a TS.

Stretching Lamplighter put in google translate

Lamplighter summoning bet #300

Sacrificing my height just for lamplighter to be a TS

Stretching lamplighter summoning #1

The krill agree lamplighter is GREAT.

Selling my friend to raise money for lamplighter to be a TS /j

Bad ubering means dropping your friend into a tornado and hoping they see lamplighter in the afterlife

Little Prince Spirit Art

Please come back as a TS narcissist I need your hair too

Yass narcissist slay queennnnnn ✨✨💅

Reject rose, go back to narcissist

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season of waiting concept but it's on a blog so I can edit it easier

this is a joke but, please hire me tgc 😉

The season of waiting takes place in the Home space.

It's a weird choice, until you realize Home is where you do lots of waiting:

  • Waiting for yeti, stretching lamplighter (🥺💖come home as a TS pls), and juggler to come back
  • Waiting for moths to come back online after months
  • Waiting for seasonal quest
  • Waiting for daily reset
  • Waiting for error messages to go away
  • Waiting for the new season/event to come

There are 6 spirits but I'm gonna procrastinate, so here's five:

Moth Spirit

This spirit can be found behind the Isle of Dawn portal at Home.

  • Offers literally nothing because you already have the basic outfit
  • Honks using the basic honk sometimes
  • Spams point and butterfly emotes
  • When you are near this spirit they will pul…

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My Presentations

Krebs: Actually More Than Angry Rocks:

Featuring one of Sky's most annoying dark creature, krebs! This was the beginning of the Kreb Research Team (KRT) and how it came to be. It talks all about krebs, from their behavior to our experiments! Please note the experiments we done might be old from when I first created this with Dragonkeet. For further information, please go to my KRT blog for the recent experiments.

Dark Dragons: More Than Black Shrimp!:

Featuring the blackest shrimp you'll ever meet, dark dragons, or most commonly krill. I made thi…

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The Flurry of Five - Chapters

Sniff I also discontinued this one..


Chapter 1-

Chapter 2-

Chapter 3-

Pings: Ikeasvu, BlossomingSakura, OneOfTheValleyTwins, SkySigi

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Bored-kitten Bored-kitten 12 May

A Dim Light Candle - STORY SO FAR

Dark Stone Era, Daylight Prairie

“Wee!” Jinuj yelled as the butterflies took him up. I sat down near our tent. Watching. Soon it would be time for his Flight Ceremony, where he will finally get his cape. We had many ceremonies in Prairie, First Mask Ceremony, First Cape Ceremony, and First Flight Ceremony. I just finished First Flight about a month ago. Man, that was the best time in my life! Soaring through the sky and touching the silk clouds.. Soon my younger brother would get to feel that same feeling. “Mejate! Look at me-!” Jinuj was being carried by the butterflies, they soon dropped him down next to me. “I was flying! Did you see? I was flying!” Jinuj squeaked. He was very impatient for his First Flight Ceremony. “Yeah I saw,” I fluf…

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Ray808080 Ray808080 10 May


  • 1 Sky Wiki Custom Templates
    • 1.1 Message Box / Notice
    • 1.2 Info Box
    • 1.3 Nav Box
    • 1.4 Spirit Trees
    • 1.5 Icons
      • 1.5.1 Helper Templates
    • 1.6 Data
    • 1.7 Tables
    • 1.8 Text and Formatting
    • 1.9 Other
  • 2 User-made Templates
  • 3 General Wiki Templates
    • 3.1 Image Licenses
    • 3.2 Info Box
    • 3.3 Other
  • 4 Modules
    • 4.1 Custom
    • 4.2 Default

  • Template:Beta
  • Template:Eden
  • Template:Delete - Template:Delete/doc
  • Template:Mbox - Template:Mbox/doc (Has redirects from Template:MessageBox - Template:MessageBox/doc)
  • Template:Stub - Template:Stub/doc
  • Template:Spoilers - Template:Spoilers/doc
  • Template:Verify - Template:Verify/doc (Has redirects from Template:Verfy - Template:Verfy/doc)
  • Template:WIP

  • Template:Guide_Infobox
  • Template:Infobox VG
  • Template:Realm - Template:Realm/doc (Has redirects from Template:GameLevelsInfobox/doc)
  • Template:Sea…

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Kreb Research Team

Hello there fellow skykids 👀, as you may or may not have known, Dragonkeet and I have made something called, the Kreb Research Team or KRT. Our goal/mission is to fully understand krebs along with experiments of what they're capable of. These creatures may seen like rocks, but they're much, much more. Here's an official slideshow or presentation of all of our research thus far with information.

Joining Form:

We have 11 members so far, including myself and Dragon being the founders of this great organization.

Mangovibez- Announcement Person

Ink uboa

ICouldntThinkOfaUser- Camera Person

IHackHackers666- Experiment O…

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Dragonkeet Dragonkeet 30 April

Just posted my first four Sky music tutorials!

After years of composing and arranging music, I came across a program called "Sky Music Nightly," which allows you to compose your own music using Sky instruments and keys. I'll post the link to it at the end of this post. Anyway, I began arranging Zelda music on there so I could play it in Sky, and finally, I decided to post them to YouTube so that the whole Sky community can follow along and play them themselves! I can't wait to make more! ^-^

Link to the post with the videos attached:

Link to Sky Music Nightly:

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MYf3MvXL MYf3MvXL 28 April

sky headcanon for storyboard!!!!!

Anyone can use these BTW!!! i just had an idea for my story, which i posted a poll on changing the name, then decided to roll the wheel instead.

I will take suggestions and requests


  • Only fish, crab, rose pettels, yellow rose pettels, cherry blossom pettels, butterflys, and krill can be eaten in sky. some of them are either easier to cook, or harder to cook, while some can be eaten raw or made into a soup or drink.
  • Manta act kinda like dragons. if you want to know more about it, go to this link

more lying in

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Niitrowo Niitrowo 11 April

Eden Path (Statued Area)

Hihi :)

If you need help on where to go while you’re lighting statues in Eden, I have a map of my route for you :D

Follow the red line and stop at the red dots while the rock rain is ongoing. Be sure to visit the stop spots multiple times if you need.

Map made by unknown (if you know the creator, pls let me know!) path by me. I made a few adjustments to the map before adding my path.

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Niitrowo Niitrowo 9 April

Candle Run Paths

Here are maps of every world (excluding Eden) with my candle running path in case anyone is interested. Places I have not yet included are ones that I’m still working on, or have not found set maps for yet.

If you’re looking for an Eden path, you can find it here. I don’t have a path for the entire area, since it’s pretty straightforward, but I have a map of the statues area (the map is not made by me, but the path is).

The maps are created by @Clement and I’m just putting my path on top of it. Feel free to try out my path or develop a new one from it :)

  • 1 Isle of Dawn
  • 2 Daylight Prairie
  • 3 Hidden Forest
  • 4 Valley of Triumph
  • 5 Golden Wasteland
  • 6 Vault of Knowledge

if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

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Bored-kitten Bored-kitten 7 April

A Dim Light Candle - UPDATE

You might know I have been takinga break from writing the story

Well, Im starting to work on it again! Yes, I know its been a month but yeah.

I still have some writers block tho-

Ping List:

@X Møønlit Fires X - Epic skykid

@Watching.from.the.shadows - Ruby, she is epik too

@BlossomingSakura - Blossom like a flower ^^

@Abloomingrose - CONTINUE BLOOMING >:D

@Skyreign - another epik sky kid

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X Møønlit Fires X X Møønlit Fires X 18 March

Parts of my story (Idk title) Ig?

Note: I have discontinued this series. For my recent one go to "The Flurry of Five" blog, the new story I am working on. Thank you for the support some of you gave me.

First part-

Second part-

Third part-

Fourth part-

Fifth part-

Sixth part-

Seventh part-

Pinged: Blossoming…

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Bored-kitten Bored-kitten 13 March

A Dim Light Candle - PING LIST!

This is about a story Im working on and when I finish a few more parts, I will ping some people to see it!

Oh also- if you have any suggestions, you can tell me here or on my MW! :D

@X Møønlit Fires X - Epic skykid

@Watching.from.the.shadows - Ruby, she is epik too

@BlossomingSakura - Blossom like a flower ^^

@Abloomingrose - CONTINUE BLOOMING >:D

@Skyreign - another epik sky kid

@SkySigi - Y alike jazz?

@Someskykid - Some skykid

@MYf3MvXL is making a story based on my story! Check it out!

(Just ask me on my MW if you wanna be pinged!)

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ThatSkyHaxlo ThatSkyHaxlo 27 February

Hello,just asking!

If days of bloom comes,should i buy the blossom 2021 cape or the wisteria petal 2022 cape? Some asked me that the sakura cape is better but i dont really know yet.Please put your opinions in the comments :>

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Bored-kitten Bored-kitten 23 January

Looking for some friends

I am planning on getting the black mask in sky. I would like some help and I also want to meet new people!

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Ilivetowrite Ilivetowrite 30 August 2021

testing things

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Ilivetowrite Ilivetowrite 7 August 2021

Testing ideas

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Ilivetowrite Ilivetowrite 5 July 2021

Spirits per Realm, Including Seasonals

  • 1 Isle of Dawn
    • 1.1 Regular Spirits
    • 1.2 Seasonal Spirits
  • 2 Daylight Prairie
    • 2.1 Regular Spirits
    • 2.2 Seasonal Spirits
  • 3 Hidden Forest
    • 3.1 Regular Spirits
    • 3.2 Seasonal Spirits
  • 4 Valley of Triumph
    • 4.1 Regular Spirits
    • 4.2 Seasonal Spirits
  • 5 Golden Wasteland
    • 5.1 Regular Spirits
    • 5.2 Seasonal Spirits
  • 6 Vault of Knowledge
    • 6.1 Regular Spirits
    • 6.2 Seasonal Spirits

  • Pointing Candlemaker
  • Rejecting Voyager (Temple)
  • Ushering Stargazer

As of July 2021, all Seasonal Spirits are available to collect in the Kingdom of Sky. You will be able to collect the base level emote, but in order to collect the cosmetics or expression upgrades, you will have to wait for the Spirit to return as a Traveling Spirits.

  • Sassy Drifter (Season of Gratitude)
  • Piggyback Lightseeker (Season of Lightseekers)
  • Boogie Kid (Isla…

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Neospxrks Neospxrks 3 July 2021

Home navigation

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Ray808080 Ray808080 2 June 2021

Wiki Content Test Page

  • 1 Beyond Sky
    • 1.1 That Sky Shop
    • 1.2 STAR
    • 1.3 Sky Merch Collaborations
    • 1.4 Sky Assemblies
    • 1.5 Coloring Pages
    • 1.6 That Sky Story
    • 1.7 Unofficial Products and Events
      • 1.7.1 2022 r/Place Sky Project
    • 1.8 Upcoming
      • 1.8.1 Sky Animation
      • 1.8.2 Sky Artbook
  • 2 Interactive Maps
    • 2.1 Interactive Realm Maps
    • 2.2 Interactive Daily Quest Maps

This is a collection of all the products and events beyond Sky: Children of Light.

See more information on the That Sky Shop page.

See more information on the STAR page.

At this time, Sky has only collaborated with the Japanese bookstore Village Vanguard to provide additional Sky merchandise for its 3nd Anniversary. Future merchandise collaborations will also be listed here.

See more information on the Sky Merch Collaborations page.

See more information on th…

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Owishy Owishy 30 May 2021

NAV box testing i guess


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Neospxrks Neospxrks 29 May 2021

Seasonal events landing page

  • 1 Seasonal events
  • 2 Overview of seasonal events
  • 3 Season Currencies
    • 3.1 Season Candles
      • 3.1.1 Season Candle Quests
    • 3.2 Season Hearts
  • 4 Adventure Pass
    • 4.1 Adventure Pass Preorders
  • 5 Seasonal Gift Packs
  • 6 Archive of Previous Seasons
  • 7 Navigation

Seasonal Events are special themed events that are accompanied by the offer of an Adventure Pass which, in exchange for an in-game purchase, allows players to unlock extra Cosmetics and Expressions during the event.

Season of Assembly teaser image

Seasonal Events are a continuous feature in Sky. Each Season is active for a period of around nine weeks, during which a select group of Expressions and Cosmetics are available from special Seasonal Spirits.

During each Seasonal Event a new Constellation is visible at the Constellation…

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Ray808080 Ray808080 4 May 2021

Wiki Format Test Page

Click to view this page on mobile layout

Click to view on desktop layout

Click for CSS

Click for refreshing cache of this page

More information can be found on ThatSkyGame's Website

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Undead.exe Undead.exe 20 March 2021


  • 1 Current Best Known Estimates
    • 1.1 Cumulative
    • 1.2 Individual
  • 2 Outdated Tests
    • 2.1 Grey Candle Threshold Estimate
      • 2.1.1 Saturday, 20-3-2021
      • 2.1.2 Sunday, 21-3-2021

  • 5 candles: 410 wax
  • 10 candles: 1045 wax
  • 15 candles 1995 wax
    • 16 candles: 2220 wax
    • 17 candles: 2445 wax
    • 18 candles: 2695 wax
    • 19 candles: 3195 wax
  • 20 candles: 4195 wax

  • Candles #1-5: 82 wax
  • Candles #6-10: 127 wax
  • Candles #11-15: 190 wax
  • Candles #16-17: 225 wax
  • Candle #18: 250 wax
  • Candle #19: 500 wax
  • Candle #20: 1000 wax

  • Note 1: wax from Slumbering Shipwright and Tearful Light Miner may vary due to inconsistent plant burning.
  • Note 2: potential error margin of 3 pieces of light, cannot confirm if meditation candles in Forest are still giving wax
  • Errors appear to be present in both counts, but there's a decent likeli…

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Undead.exe Undead.exe 20 March 2021

New Chevron Candles

  • 1 Notation
  • 2 Isle of Dawn (+770, -14)
    • 2.1 Piggyback Lightseeker's Cave (50)
    • 2.2 Winged Light Behind Spirit Gate (10)
    • 2.3 Temple Area (12)
    • 2.4 Two-Player Puzzle (83)
    • 2.5 Entrance to Cave of Prophecy (15)
    • 2.6 Trial of Water (+100, -4)
    • 2.7 Trial of Earth (100)
    • 2.8 Trial of Air (+200, -10)
    • 2.9 Trial of Fire (200)
  • 3 Hidden Forest (79)
    • 3.1 Forest Brook (79)
  • 4 Valley of Triumph (34)
    • 4.1 Ice Rink (34)
  • 5 Vault (+376, -12)
    • 5.1 1F (+63, -6)
    • 5.2 2F (+104, -6)
    • 5.3 3F (9)
    • 5.4 4F (150)
    • 5.5 6F (50)

Numbers in brackets indicate the total wax added for a given area. A single value without a positive or negative sign indicates a newly added cluster or cake, while a single value with a plus sign denotes extra candles being added to an existing cluster.

For brackets with both positive and negative numb…

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Luxxibub Luxxibub 9 February 2021


IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII drew a girl i saw earlier :')) enjoy

(ignore the pencil marks i did it in like 20-30 mins ;w;)

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Luxxibub Luxxibub 15 January 2021

Sky issues :'o

is sky being weird for yall? I've turned off my wifi and turned it back on, restarted my game, my phone, but it keeps doing the stupid error communicating message. anyone else have this issue rn?

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Picco1 Picco1 7 December 2020

Wiki editing test

So this blog post is basically my notes- I wanted to organize some info while also testing out some of them :D

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Cr4y0nnnn Cr4y0nnnn 8 October 2020

Sky games

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BirdTheSkyKid BirdTheSkyKid 6 September 2020

Photo Gallery

All pictures featured here were taken by me. Some include my friend (the shorter Sky kid). 

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Undead.exe Undead.exe 24 July 2020

JP-EN Translations

Miscellaneous notes on how certain terms are translated in Sky, since not all names are one-for-one translations or translated literally. Website for referencing location names within the realms:

  • Sky: Children of the Light: Sky 星を紡ぐ子どもたち (SKY Hoshi wo tsumugu kodomotachi; lit. "Sky: The Children Who Weave Stars")
  • Ancestor spirits: 精霊 (Seirei)
  • Moth: 雀 (Suzume, lit. "sparrow", presumably player slang)
  • Someone met by lighting a candle in-game by complete chance: 野良 (Nora, lit. "stray")
  • Dark Dragon: 暗黒竜 (Ankokuryuu)
    • Krill: エビ (Ebi; lit. "shrimp", presumably player slang)

  • Winged light: 光の翼 (Hikari no tsubasa)
  • Candle: キャンドル (Kyandoru; NB: not 蝋燭)
  • Candle wax: 光のかけら (Hikari no kakera; lit. "Fragments of light")
  • Candle Run: キャンマラ …

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Owishy Owishy 1 July 2020

testing blog for wiki editing 👀

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Picco1 Picco1 24 June 2020

Eye of Eden Lore

I warn you again. This post contains spoilers for Eye of Eden. Please close your eyes and turn off your screen when you have not FINISHED EYE OF EDEN COMPLETELY. I warn you, this is a Major Spoiler. (Proceed when you understood)

This post is a lore, therefore it is NOT OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED. Although the evidences are based on in game details, the argument that I have composed might contain wrong assumptions, unofficial data, and some storyline spoilers if this goes terribly right. (Proceed when you understood)

Do not link this to other sites and posts. Only my Twitter account (@Hann_Pi) should be posting this to Twitter. If you are going to link this, please make sure to add @Hann_Pi (If using the link in Twitter).

Copying and Pasting the art…

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Picco1 Picco1 23 June 2020

Lores That I have wrote

  • 1 The purpose of this Blog post page
  • 2 Update log of this page
  • 3 Lists of Lore posts that I have made:
    • 3.1 General Lores
    • 3.2 Isle of Dawn Lores
    • 3.3 Daylight Prairie Lores
    • 3.4 Hidden Forest Lores
    • 3.5 Valley of Triumph Lores
    • 3.6 Golden Wasteland Lores
    • 3.7 Vault of Knowledge Lores
    • 3.8 Eye of Eden Lores (Spoiler Warning)

The purpose of this blog post page is to prevent blog posts from getting messy. I will add links to the individual lore posts over here. This page would be used as a hub for all Lore posts that I make, No exceptions :>

I hope FANDOM lets me edit blog posts any time, unlike regular posts.

2020/06/23 Created page.

Darkness Rising #1

Wasteland Lore #1

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CrazyLace882 CrazyLace882 16 June 2020

Sky Lore: The Creation

So I've been working on a semi-complete theory about Sky's lore and story for a while now. I thought I'd finally try to write it down. It probably isn't correct, but I had fun creating it and I hope you have fun reading it. Enjoy!
Long ago, eons before we came to this world, there was only Light. It raced across the empty plains, shaping out deserts, ridges, dunes, and meadows. From The Light emerged seven figures: the Elders. Dawn emerged first. He was wise and quiet. When the Light faded from his body, he contained a tiny portion of it in his staff. With his newly lit staff, he blessed the land with candles. Next, Daylight stepped forth from the Light. He was a hulking giant of a man, but gentler than the glowing flowers populating the la…
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Picco1 Picco1 12 June 2020

Wasteland Lore (Might be overlapping to somebody else's since it's based on the same game / I added my own speculation to some lores that I saw)

(Idk why but I added this spoiler alert..?)Picco1 (talk) 01:41, June 12, 2020 (UTC)

Isn't it ironic that a place is named Golden Wasteland? Can a Wasteland be called Golden? If not so, why is it called that way? Picco1 (talk) 01:41, June 12, 2020 (UTC)

Thank you for your help DJ! Picco1 (talk) 01:41, June 12, 2020 (UTC)

  • 1 CAUTION!:
    • 1.1 The facts that I have used to make this lore can be found IN-GAME
    • 1.3 Stories can overlapp, due to some influences that I have took from several communities (I can't deny this, LOL I started to …

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Dave247 Dave247 25 May 2020

Wiki Editing Woes

So I get up today thinking that I'll finally get back to finishing the original task I set myself when joining the wiki (removing the winged light from the individual realm pages), but then I see an update UnicornMisty made about the Traveling Spirit project so I'm like "oh ok I guess I better look at that first as soon as I have breakfast", but before I forget let me quickly update the description to the notice on the page that I've been meaning to do (which I was pretty chuffed with myself when I thought of it 😁), until I realized that it doesn't actuality display on the mobile site so I spend the next half an hour looking into it and if there's anything that can be done, before just leaving it and asking for help on Community General.

I …

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Finnin476 Finnin476 24 May 2020

'Phantom' Spirits

So, I was at the Daylight Prairie, and I saw this strange gray thing. It ended up being a spirit. I was doing it's quest, and before I could finish the quest, the spirit glitched out and disappeared. There was no timer, and the spirit and it's light were pale gray. comment if you've also seen these.

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PartyPuppies PartyPuppies 20 April 2020



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Obsessed With Eden Obsessed With Eden 16 March 2020


Eden is the best

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BleuCheez BleuCheez 16 March 2020

How many weeks would it take to get 10 wedges, but only by getting wing buffs from traveling spirits?

So uhh I swore this was gonna be a lot longer than it actually is but it turns out it's really easy to calculate how long it would take to get 10 wedges on your cape by only getting traveling spirit wing buffs. You get one wing buff every two weeks, so you just divide the number of wing buffs you want by two, and that's how many weeks it will take. So to get 10 wedges, it would take you 60 weeks if you only collected wing buffs from traveling spirits, and you didn't get ANY stars in game, or any of the regular spirit wing buffs. So yes it's possible to get 10 wedges from traveling spirits but it's gonna take forever, about a year and two months to be exact. So yeah I don't know if anyone really wants to do this but if you do then you're in…

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BleuCheez BleuCheez 16 March 2020

Number of days needed to collect every cosmetic/collectables (+ how to apply it to yourself)

  • 1 Disclaimer:
  • 2 The Formula!
    • 2.1 Example:
  • 3 Example of how long it would take
    • 3.1 Isle of Dawn
    • 3.2 Daylight Prairie
    • 3.3 Hidden Forest
    • 3.4 Valley of Triumph
    • 3.5 Golden Wasteland
    • 3.6 Vault of Knowledge

The numbers I used to calculate the numbers for the realms isn't accurate in terms of how feasable it is to recreate, however I do list the formula I use, and I explain how to apply this formula to yourself. Minor Spoilers. I calculated the numbers for each realm by assuming that the player in question was collecting 15 candles per day, 7 ascended candles per trip through Eden, and 3 hearts per day. This was done for simplicity's sake.

So the formula I used for this does require some setup if you want to find how long it will take for you to complete a certain are…

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