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This page is a supplement to the main Pieces of Light page and focuses on sources of light that have variability, are only for a limited time for a Holiday Event, or involves randomness, such as Small Clams in Treasure Reef or the Flower Bouquets in Village Theater.

In addition to the standard candles and Darkness plants, players can collect light from Social Light areas or events and limited-time additions during Holiday Events. Social Light areas and event help players collect Light without having to do candle run routes.

Light Sources

These are some light sources, each with an estimate of how many pieces of light they give:

Total Additional Light Count

Additional Sources of Light
Source Pieces of Light
Prairie's Cozy Hideout 1,000
Sunset Sanctuary Turtle
Forest Brook Campfire
Grandma's Dinner
The Wind Path's Cloud Tunnel
Valley Temple Maze Campfire
Wasteland Crab Barbecue
Fourth Floor Vault's Island
Geyser 1,000
Hot Spring 400
Abyss Blue Eel 500
TOTAL 2,900

Social Light Schedule

The easiest way to remember when the three social light events (Geyser, Grandma's Dinner, and Sunset Turtle) is to know what hour daily reset is in your timezone.

For example, if you're in PST/PDT, daily reset is at midnight, 0:00, which has an even hour number. Social Light events always repeat every 2 hours, so events happen for you on even-numbered hours.

If your reset does not happen on an even number, then it must occur on an odd hour number. So, events will happen on odd-numbered hours.

EVEN Hour Schedule
Geyser Grandma's Dinner Sunset Turtle
0:00 0:30 0:45
2:00 2:30 2:45
4:00 4:30 4:45
ODD Hour Schedule
Geyser Grandma's Dinner Sunset Turtle
3:00 3:30 3:45
5:00 5:30 5:45
7:00 7:30 7:45

Sky Clock

Alternatively you can use this live tool, which calculates all scheduled times in Sky based on your time zone.

Credits and permission from Chris Stead.

Sky clock by Chris Stead

Daily Treasure Candles

Four Daily Treasure Candles appear in a realm every day, each giving 50 pieces of light. The realm where the candles appear rotates everyday in order from left to right, with the exception of Isle of Dawn. After Vault of Knowledge, the candles loop back starting again at Daylight Prairie.

Regular Eruptions

Getting lights from Regular Shard event

Regular Eruptions are moderate-intensity events that are easier to complete. The only reward for completing a regular eruption event is 120 Pieces of Light[1]; Ascended Candles and season quest completion are not possible.

The shards in a regular eruption are gray-black in color; unlike the red radiant shards of Strong Eruptions, regular eruption shards do not damage players. There are no Shattering Crabs, but there may be one more Dark Crabs. Therefore, it should always be safe to use Deep Calls to protect yourself from getting damaged. Once all the darkness has been burned, you will be rewarded with Pieces of Light, the shards disappear, and the skies return to their normal color. There is no follow-up activity or meditation circle.

Completing Daily Quest during Non-seasonal Events

During the period after an old seasonal event ends and before a new seasonal event starts, players can complete the daily quests to obtain a maximum of 4 regular candles every day. These regular candles ignore the Daily Light system, meaning you can get 20 + 4 candles a day.

Finding Candles At End of Rainbow Daily Quest

The Daily Quest can include the "Find the candles at the end of the rainbow in the daily quest realm" (introduced from the Days of Rainbow 2021). These can grant players can extra Treasure Candle for that day.

Social Light Areas and Events

These are currently accessible events and social light areas that provide pieces of light at certain times or passively generate pieces of light.

Events and Areas with a Shared Limit

Shared Wax limit: ~1,000 pieces of light

These Social Light areas and events have a shared limit of pieces of light that can be collected per day. This implies that if the player stops receiving pieces of light from one area, they will also stop receiving pieces of light in the others that day. Most of these events and areas allows players to collect pieces of light with little movement and interactions, which possibly explains the pieces of light limits being shared.

Cozy Hideout

Cozy Hideout

The Cozy Hideout is located in the Prairie Caves, up the staircase and beyond the room at the end of a tunnel. The campfire slowly spawns pieces of light.

Sunset Sanctuary Turtle

Sanctuary Turtle in Underwater Ravine

The Sanctuary turtle and Sunset event was added during Days of Nature 2022.

The Sunset event occurs in the Sanctuary Islands in Daylight Prairie. It starts at 00:50 PST/PDT, repeats every two hours and lasts for 10 minutes. There are several sources of light that appear only during this period, in and around the deep underwater ravine.

The turtle is always present, swimming around the islands and diving underwater. Five minutes before Sunset, a large Darkness plant grows on the turtle's shell. This plant is converted into a 50 Pieces of Light, floating in mid-air somewhere along the turtle's route. This wax can only be collected once per day. In addition, this wax shares a daily limit with Grandma's.

While swimming around during sunset, the turtle also regularly generates individual blue light orbs. This wax also shares a daily limit with Grandma's.

Multiple clams also appear during sunset, providing an even larger source of wax. Each clam can only be collected once per day, but there is no other daily limit preventing this wax from being collected.

The single largest clam is on the island beach. It releases 100 Pieces of Light. It does not necessarily appear at the start of sunset, but a cutscene will alert you when it does appear.

Finally, ten clams can be found underwater. The locations and sizes (small or medium) are different each day. 3-4 are always found in the bottom of the ravine, around the broken boat. 3-4 are found in between the ravine and the beach where the large clam is located. 3-4 are found on the far side of the ravine. Small clams release ~10 Pieces of Light, and medium clams release 25-30 Pieces of Light. In total, ~150 Pieces of Light can be collected from these smaller clams each day.

Campfire in Forest's Brook

Campfire in Forest's Brook

The campfire in Forest's Brook (on the right side of the area and elevated) slowly spawns pieces of light.

Grandma's Dinner Event

Grandma's Dinner

Grandma spirit, who is the Season of Belonging Guide, periodically holds a timed event at the Ancestor’s Table of Belonging in the Elevated Clearing of Hidden Forest.

Like the Geyser, this event repeats every two hours and lasts for 15 minutes. The spirit appears at 00:30 PST/PDT, waits 5 minutes, and then proceeds to "serve dinner" for 10 minutes. Every minute, 6 white balls (that give 10 pieces of light each) appear on the table that give pieces of light when burned. At the end of the event you can hug Grandma before she leaves.

Player get around ~600 pieces of light per event.

Cloud Tunnel in Wind Paths in Forest

Cloud Tunnels in Wind Paths

Gliding in the cloud tunnel in the Wind Paths, the player can slowly collect pieces of light.

Maze Campfire in Valley Temple

Inside Valley Temple Maze

The campfire that slowly spawns pieces of light is inside the Valley Temple's maze's main room that contains two staircases along the walls and four doorways.

Crab Barbecue

Crab Barbecue

The firepit in the Wasteland Graveyard slowly spawns pieces of light. This rotating spit of roasting Crabs was added to Wasteland's Graveyard during the Season of Belonging on November 18, 2019. This firepit is home to the Pleaful Parent spirit.

Floating Island on the Fourth Floor of Vault

Fourth Floor of Vault

One of the floating islands on the Fourth Floor of Vault (at the bottom of the platforms that lead up to a Treasure Candle) slowly spawns pieces of light.

Other Events and Areas

Daylight Prairie Geyser Event


Wax limit: ~1,000 pieces of light

The Polluted Geyser was added during Days of Nature 2021.

The Polluted Geyser erupts Darkness spiky balls that give pieces of light when burned. The first eruption starts at reset at 00:00 PST/PDT ,repeats every two hours and last 15 minutes. The start is signified by the seashell floating up and unclogging the geyser. During the first 5 minutes, the five vents around the geyser blow out steam. Each cycle of the vents represents 1 minute passing. Then, for 10 minutes, the geyser fills up and Darkness spiky balls erupt from the geyser every minute (for a total of 11 eruptions). Once it erupts, the geyser drains until it fills up for the next eruption.

There are 3 sizes for the Darkness spiky balls: small (5), medium (10), and large (15). Each give a different amount of Light. There are some Darkness plants growing around the geyser that will automatically burn in a cutscene that gives 11 pieces of light and can only be collected once. The total amount received per event is random and varies from ~240 to ~350 pieces of light. There's a daily limit of pieces of light a player can obtain from the geyser, which is around ~1000 pieces of light (was previously ~2000 before the November 18, 2021 update added the new social light areas). After reaching the limit, melting the spiky balls won't give Light to the player.

Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Wax limit: ~400 pieces of light

The hot spring in the Village of Dreams was modified on November 18, 2021. All candles were removed and now pieces of light slowly fall inside the hot spring area.

Abyss Blue Eel

Blue Eel

Wax limit: ~500 pieces of light

The Blue Eel swimming in the Treasure Reef in the Golden Wasteland emits a trail of blue Light for players to collect.

Event Light Sources

During certain events, there are additional sources of Light.

Double Treasure Candle Event

Four additional Treasure Candles were either scattered across the same realm as the Daily Treasure Candles or in another realm.

Days of Fortune Dragon

  • During Days of Fortune 2021, a stone dragon showed up every hour at Home and dropped colorful balls containing Light.
  • During Days of Fortune 2022, the dragon showed up every other hour and dropped rockets that launched fireworks into the air, which turn into the pieces of light that would drift down.

Days of Bloom Tree

  • During Days of Bloom 2021, the Bloom Tree at Home dropped 1 Light petal about every 7 minutes.
  • During Days of Bloom 2022, a large Wisteria tree in the Hidden Forest Social Space spawned purple Light that could be collected whenever the tree was blooming.

Days of Rainbow

  • During Days of Rainbow 2021, an extra Treasure Candle was at the end of the rainbow in quest-hosted realm every day.
  • During Days of Rainbow 2022, in addition to the rainbow quest, a double rainbow at Home slowly spawned different colored pieces of light. They briefly changed your trail into the corresponding color.

Days of Sky

During Days of Sky 2022, a large birthday cake was added to the celebration at the office rooftop giving about 111 lights (with about 40 lights visually).

Days of Summer

The campfire at Home created pieces of light and, every once in a while, seashells that contain Light spawned.

Days of Feast

The ice rink and the igloo-shaped shelter at Home emitted pieces of Light.

Days of Love Pier

In 2022, during Days of Fortune, a pier was added to Home. The rainbow Light that was created by the fireworks show at this event did not count when collected. However, during the following Days of Love event, the pier generated pieces of light which counted when collected.

Obsolete Light Sources

Completed Memories from Regular Spirits

A completed memory will cause one piece of light to appear above the first memory fragment. However, it does not get counted when collected.

Harmony Hall

During the Harmony Hall grand opening event, pieces of light drop to the floor around the first floor. This no longer exists since the grand opening event is over.

  1. It remains unknown whether the number of pieces of light received after a regular eruption has any day-to-day variation, or any random variation from player to player. 120 pieces of wax is the confirmed total from one event in the live game.