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Climb the Vault, its wisdom awaits

Vault of Knowledge opening

Originally called Night, this level is also referred to as the "Library" or the "Tower," due to its resemblance to the Tower level in TGC’s game, Journey. In June 2019, the name became Vault of Knowledge, or simply the Vault.

This is the first Realm in the game that requires four people to open doors in order to collect an Expression. It's also the only area besides the villages area of Prairie where a specific Expression is required in order to unlock another Expression, and it happens frequently here.

The vault has seven floors or levels. Just before ascending to a higher floor, you are shown a constellation and it is speculated that each floor represents a Realm of the game.

Location of all available Children of Light can be found on the Winged Light page.

Social Space

Unlike the other Realms (excluding Isle of Dawn), this area is missing a bonfire as well a Closet to change cosmetics, though it does still contain a bench to chat with other players and statues of the spirits released in current Realm.

First Floor (Main)

This level is represented by the Isle constellation and has dunes of sand here and there.

There is one Child of Light in this level. This level contains the Social Space and the Archives.

This level has a "lighting the lanterns" puzzle to complete before reaching the next floor.

Praying Acolyte

Praying Acolyte
C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
PrayingAcolyte-4.png 75H*
Winglight.png 9AC*
PrayingAcolyte-3.png 25H
5CandlesSpell.png 5C
PrayingAcolyte-1.pngLv4 7C PrayingAcolyte-1.pngLv3 5C
Winglight.png 3AC
PrayingAcolyte-2.png 5H 1CandleSpell.png 1C Heart.png 3C
PrayingAcolyte-1.pngLv2 3C PrayingAcolyte-1.png
24C, 105H, 12AC

*Does not count toward constellation completion

Source: Regular Spirits#Praying Acolyte

First Floor (Archives)

Seasonal candles no longer present. Map by Nashineko_sky


The 16 November 2019 update to the game introduced another brand new area accessible from this first level of Vault. To enter, open the two player door to the direct right of spawn. Along the path is a constellation barrier requiring one Expression from the Vault of Knowledge. Two new Children of Light were added in this new area. However, it has since undergone a lot of changes in both appearance as well as the locations of the Children of Light.

First Floor (Secret Area)

There is a secret area accessible from the first level of Vault of Knowledge. Please see Secret Area (Spoiler Alert!) for more information on accessing this secret area. Note: please avoid this link if you wish to find the area yourself.

First Floor (Starlight Desert)

How to reach Starlight Desert

This area was added in July 2021, for the Season of the Little Prince. The entrance to the area is through a hole in the wall adjacent to the ladder where one Winged Light sits in the beginning of Vault. Upon entering the Vault, fly up to the left-hand wall where the ladder stand. The doorway is protected by a Spirit Gate, requiring one (1) Spirit from Vault to enter.

All Seasonal Spirits from the Season of The Little Prince, and the Seasonal Quests from that Season can be found in Starlight Desert. Three (3) Winged Light can be found in this area.

Second Floor

This level is represented by the Prairie constellation.

This is where you find the Spirit with the Telekinesis Expression needed to access the 4-player area on the bottom floor. To collect it, four players must collaborate to open the large door off to one side. However, this door does not require any Expressions to open. You will only need to approach it, and press the "grab" icon once it appears. There are no Children of Light on this level. The floor, made of stars, will recharge your cape when touched and cannot be penetrated.

This level is fairly simple, with another "lighting the lanterns" puzzle to complete before reaching the next floor.

Levitating Adept

Levitating Adept
C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
LevitatingAdept-3.png 10H
5CandlesSpell.png 5C
LevitatingAdept-1.pngLv4 7C LevitatingAdept-1.pngLv3 5C
Winglight.png 2AC
LevitatingAdept-2.png 5H 1CandleSpell.png 1C Heart.png 3C
LevitatingAdept-1.pngLv2 5C LevitatingAdept-1.png
26C, 15H, 2AC

Source: Regular Spirits#Levitating Adept

Third floor

Vault level 3.png
Museum-C r y s ta l T re e.png

This level is represented by the Forest constellation, and has been expanded to contain stone ramps and crystal-like trees. One Ancestor Spirit and one Child of Light are also found here. To reach the next floor, the player will first have to light the lanterns on the circling stone platforms. This will cause further, floating, lanterns to appear around the original dais. Once these too are lit, the player can sit at the dais to ascend to the next floor.

Polite Scholar

Polite Scholar
C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
PoliteScholar-3.png 15H
5CandlesSpell.png 5C
Winglight.png 2AC
Heart.png 3C 1CandleSpell.png 1C
PoliteScholar-2.png 2H PoliteScholar-1.png
9C, 17H, 2AC

Source: Regular Spirits#Polite Scholar

Fourth floor

Vault level 4.png

The fourth level is represented by the Valley constellation. The stone buildings and mini coliseum resemble those found in the races. This area contains waterfalls of light and stone islands.

A very high platform containing some red candles has remained here after the 2019 Season of Lightseekers event, and can be found by flying directly upwards from the Manta Call platform. You may need to hold hands with a player or grow your wing strength if you can't get high enough.


There are two Winged Light in this level, as well as two Ancestor Spirits.

Memory Whisperer

Memory Whisperer
C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
MemoryWhisperer-3.png 50H
5CandlesSpell.png 5C
Winglight.png 4AC
Heart.png 3C 1CandleSpell.png 1C
MemoryWhisperer-2.png 3H MemoryWhisperer-1.png
9C, 53H, 4AC

Source: Regular Spirits#Memory Whisperer

Meditating Monastic

Meditating Monastic
C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
Meditating-Monastic-3.png 30H
5CandlesSpell.png 5C
Meditating-Monastic-1.pngLv4 10C Meditating-Monastic-1.pngLv3 7C
Winglight.png 3AC
Meditating-Monastic-2.png 10H 1CandleSpell.png 1C Heart.png 3C
Meditating-Monastic-1.pngLv2 10C Meditating-Monastic-1.png
36C, 40H, 3AC

Source: Regular Spirits#Meditating Monastic

Fifth floor

Vault level 5.png

The fifth level is represented by the Wasteland constellation, and has a few skeletons floating in the sky. To reach the next floor, players will need to fly to the Large Cosmic Manta which will approach from the Prairie Constellation in the sky. On the back of the Cosmic Manta players will find lanterns to light – these activate the dais at the center of the floor. Cosmic Mantas will start to circulate the platform, which players can ride to reach the Summit.

One Winged Light is available in this area.

Sixth floor/The summit

Vault level 6.png

This is the floor where you meet the Elder. One Winged Light and a Meditation Shrine are also found here.

After-Shrine Area (End)

Vault level 7.png

This is the final transition area of the game, with portals leading either Home or into the Eye of Eden. The constellation barrier blocking your entry to Eden (Spoiler Warning!) requires 20 Winged Light to pass through. However, it is recommended to acquire significantly more than this before entering Eden.

Seasonal Spirits

As of July 2021, all Seasonal Spirits are available to collect in the Kingdom of Sky. You will be able to collect the base level expression, but in order to collect the cosmetics or expression upgrades, you will have to wait for the Spirit to return as a Traveling Spirit.

  • Greeting Shaman (4th Level - Season of Gratitude)
  • Shushing Light Scholar (4th Level - Season of Lightseekers)
  • Wise Grandparent (Archives - Season of Belonging)
  • Thoughtful Director (Pray Room - Season of Rhythm)
  • Beckoning Ruler (Starlight Desert - Season of The Little Prince
  • Gloating Narcissist (Starlight Desert - Season of The Little Prince
  • Stretching Lamplighter (Starlight Desert - Season of The Little Prince
  • Slouching Soldier (Starlight Desert - Season of The Little Prince
  • Sneezing Geographer (Starlight Desert - Season of The Little Prince
  • Star Collector (Starlight Desert - Season of The Little Prince

Constellation Summary

These are the numbers of Candles (C), Hearts (H) and Ascended Candles (AC) required to complete the constellation

Tier 2 Capes does not count toward constellation completion

100% constellation Tier 2 Including Tier 2
Vault of Knowledge 104 155 14 0 +75 +9 104 230 23

Expressions, Upgrades, and Cosmetics


Sky- Children of the Light- Emotes, Upgrades, and Cosmetics in Vault of Knowledge.-0

Video Walkthrough


Sky- Children of the Light New Walkthrough Vault of Knowledge- Spirits and Winged Light

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