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まず、最初の「光の子」を見つけると、「ケープ」を手に入れることができます。光っている子の手のマークをタップすると、"高く飛べる "と言われる "光の翼 "を手に入れることができます。「光の子」からもらえる「光の翼」を集めて、「ケープ(飛行)力」を高めていきます。

エリアを進むには、星座門と呼ばれる緑色のバリアを通過する必要があります。星座門は、精霊から "エモート "を集めることで通過できるようになります。最初の祖先の精霊を見つけ、その精霊のクエストを達成すると、緑のバリアが解除され、ゲートを通過できるようになります。



Basic Expression Menu Icons

Four of the Expressions in the game do not require collection and are already available by default.

  • Collected automatically during Isle:
    • Flame: Allows the player to pull out a candle in order to light an object or other player. Collected during Isle.
  • Basic emotes:
    • Sky Kid Call: The sound your character makes when you tap on yourself. Different voices (or calls) can be collected through the game.
    • Meditate: The sitting posture is the basic meditate that the player does in various places in the game. Tapping the Meditate icon two and three times changes the position of the character: sitting, relaxing, and lying down.
    • Basic Stance (Standing): The standing posture selected also affects what the sitting posture looks like.
  • Actions
    • Request a Guide: Allows the player to ask other players for help finding spirits. Players can manually request help from others, although other players may choose to ignore your request. Other players will see a question mark icon above your head.

Expressions and Cosmetics

Pointing Candlemaker

Emote Loc-Point.png

The Pointing Candlemaker (formerly Pointing Pilgrim) is inside the caves to the left of the main ramp. Pointing Candlemaker

Ushering Stargazer

Emote Loc-This Way.png

The Ushering Stargazer (formerly Ushering Migrant) is behind the main ramp that leads up to the temple. Do not fly up to the temple from the main ramp. Instead, walk around the bottom of the ramp to find the spirit. Ushering Stargazer

Rejecting Voyager

Emote Loc-No.png

Fly up to the temple from the main ramp. Outside the temple, walk to the left side to find a cave with a Spirit Gate that requires the two spirits from Isle of Dawn (listed above). The Rejecting Voyager is inside the cave. Rejecting Voyager

Cave of Prophecies


Beware The Ancient Trials

Cave of Prophecies opening

The Cave of Prophecies was added during Season of Prophecy. To enter it, head to the top right edge of Isle, where an opening in the clouds will begin your adventure. The portal transporting you to the Cave of Prophecies is blocked by a constellation gate, requiring 2 Expressions from Hidden Forest. Players who enter will go on multiple trials and challenges to unravel Sky's long forgotten past.

Upon entering, you will be met with a narrow passageway, in which you will have to traverse through and see the ancient murals of the elements. Going through the passage will lead you to the main part of the Cave, where you will first see the Prophecy Guide in the middle. In the areas surrounding the Guide, there will be 4 Prophets/Spirits, which upon completing, will give you their unique Expression.

The Prophecy Guide found in the center will embark you on four quests - four trials tied to each respective Prophet. Each trial will have its own challenge, each depending on its element; Water, Earth, Air and Fire. Completing each one will slowly decorate the main cave, surrounding the player with colorful murals which tell the story of Sky. At the end of each trial, the player will also be gifted one Child of Light. So, if the player completes all four trials, they will have four more Winged Lights.

Seasonal Spirits

As of July 2021, all Seasonal Spirits are available to collect in the Kingdom of Sky. You will be able to collect the base level emote, but in order to collect the cosmetics or expression upgrades, you will have to wait for the Spirit to return as a Traveling Spirit.

  • Sassy Drifter (Season of Gratitude)
  • Piggyback Lightseeker (Season of Lightseekers)
    • Note: While this Spirit is available to collect in Isle of Dawn, the upgrade to the Piggyback (Carry) Friend Action will not be available until the Spirit returns as a Traveling Spirit
  • Boogie Kid (Island in the Clouds - Season of Belonging)
  • Troupe Greeter (Temple - Season of Rhythm)
  • Prophet of Water (Cave of Prophecies - Season of Prophecy)
  • Prophet of Earth (Cave of Prophecies - Season of Prophecy)
  • Prophet of Air (Cave of Prophecies - Season of Prophecy)
  • Prophet of Fire (Cave of Prophecies - Season of Prophecy)

Constellation Summary

These are the numbers of Candles (C), Hearts (H) and Ascended Candles (AC) required to complete the constellation

Tier 2 Capes does not count toward constellation completion

100% constellation Tier 2 Including Tier 2
Isle of Dawn 42 12 3 0 0 0 42 12 3

Printable Chart

Video Walkthrough


Map:Isle of Dawn


  • Originally called Dawn, this Realm was later changed to Isle of Dawn. The name was shortened to Isle for some time, and in June 2019, became the Isle of Dawn.

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